Hey everyone! I just started posting this on Quibblo, but I'd already had a lot of it written on my site, which no one knows about. I decided to put it on here and get some reviews, see what people think.I'm also looking for a title, since 'Forgiven,' while it fits the story, seems a bit dull.
So here it is! Reviews would be appreciated, and all comments are appreciated, though keep in mind that if I get a really nice one I might just mention you in the next chapter.Get reading!

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Warning: Some content in this story may be unsuitable for younger readers. Reader discretion is advised. It may contain violence and some sexual content.

My name is Alexandria Whinston. I'm a twelfth grader with to-my-shoulders brown hair, hazel eyes and glasses. I didn't necessarily have a "best friend," but I was a mutual friend to most people. I was a better-than-average straight-A student that all of the teachers clearly favored. I had wonderful parents, a nice black Mercedes that I got for my most recent birthday (my seventeenth), and a nice house with my own room and bathroom. That's a given thing, though, considering I'm an only child. I guess you could say that, though my life had it's moments (some bigger than others), my life was pretty good. Some might even say perfect. But nothing that good ever lasts, right?

"Hey, Alex, could you help me with this?" my friend Joey asked.

I smiled. "Sure." Math was one of my favorite subjects. Then again, almost every subject was one of my favorites, so I guess that title isn't really required.

While I was helping Joey, our teacher, Miss Trinsek's phone rang. When she hung up, she called me up to her desk with a worried look in her eyes.

"Alex, Mrs. Cherse would like to see you. I'd bring your books, since it's almost the end of the period."

I nodded, and went to gather my books up. I left the room and walked through the halls to the principal's office. I wondered why she wanted to see me.

"Go right in, sweetie," the secretary said with a very sad look on her face. I thanked her and walked in to Mrs. Cherse's office. I sat down in one of the dark blue chairs.

"Alex... I'm afraid I have some bad news," she said grimly. "Your parents... they died in a car crash earlier this morning."

She kept talking, explaining details, I bet, but I didn't hear it. I got up numbly and left, ignoring her objections. I walked stiffly through the hallways, and broke into a run. I slammed my way through some side doors and sat down on one of the benches right outside of it. The classes were just being dismissed, so when the door opened I didn't think that the person would be looking for me - that is, until they sat down next to me and hesitantly asked, "Are you alright?"

I was still staring into space, my mind rejecting the idea that they could be gone so soon... I'd just seen them this morning, eating breakfast and going to work. It couldn't be true....

"My parents...," I whispered almost unconsciously through numb lips. "They... they're gone." Even as I said the words, they still didn't seem true. I looked over at the boy who had sat next to me.

There was remorse in is face. He had long dark brown hair covering one of his eyes and warm brown eyes.

"I'm Jasper Chayste," he said as he out his arm slowly around my shoulders. Trying to comfort me, I assume.

"Alex Whinston."

"Don't worry, Alex. It'll be alright..."

His empty promises faded as the dream faded and I woke with a scream.

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