Everyone one of these people had no idea it was coming. No one was even aware there was a kidnapper on the loose. But why the 5 he chose? I mean they have nothing in common, they don't even live by each other, at all. But maybe, just maybe, they do have something in common.

Chapter 3


by: AbbyDLove
"NO NO NO NO NO! You did not just do that!" Josh shouted out aloud.

"That's right, who's the king of COD?" Matt said.

"Whatever, I was close." I said as our battle came to an end. Josh was pissed because he was dead. You know, stupiud reasons. xD

"You got time for one more battle? This time I'm winning." Josh asked Matt.

"Nah, I'm tired of this game. You guys thinking what I'm thinking?" Matt replied.

"Mass Bikeride." we all said aloud. Mass bikerides are where we go pick up all the 7th graders on this block and the next one over. There are about 7 people. Usually at least 5 can come. We all went outside and hopped on our bikes as Josh pulled his out of the garage.

Now, I'll quickly tell you about myself here. I'm 13, and I live in Boise Idaho. I atted Cheney Middle School, you know when it's not Summer. I have a basically all B student. I have medium brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, blah blah blah and I'm 5'6. I'm really loud and talky, but I can be shy around some. I really am not that interesting. That's really all there is to me.

We set off to the first houses on this block. Azzies, then Taras, then Gretas. Yes, all girls, but basically all the boys were us around this block. They were already all at Azzies house in advance, how very convenient.

We walked up and rang the doorbell.

"Hello miss lovely, would you and your friends like to come out for a mass bikeride?" I said jokingly. I held out my hand.

"I'd be honored to." She said grabbing my hand and stepping out. Greta and Tara stepped out playing along.

"Haha, okay so who are we going to go pick up?" Greta asked.

"The only 1 left. Paige." Matt said. Azzie rolled her eyes and sighed. Azzie and Paige did anything but get along. But.... well let me tell you. Matt liked Azzie, Azzie liked me, I liked Paige, Paige liked Josh, Josh liked Tara and no one liked poor Greta. It was complicated the way we worked.

We reached Paige's house. I rang the doorbell. No awnser. I rang again. No awnser. I sighed but Azzie smiled. Oh well.

"Hey, Ashlynn lives right over there, why don't we ever go to her house? Or what about Laikyn. They both could come." Greta said.

"Yeah, but they aren't really... any of our friends." I mean, I'll be honest. We were the popular kids. They were not. It didn't work.

"Pleeeease! The more the merrier." Tara agreed. I just looked around and shruged.

"Well, if it's fine with everyone I don't see why not." Matt said.

We set off for Laikyn's. We rang the doorbell.

"Hello?" Laikyns mom said opening the door.

"Hi, is Laikyn there?" We asked. She was not. Matter of fact, she was at Ashlynns. "Okay thanks" Josh said and we headed off for Ashlynns.

"You guys can go ring that doorbell. No way I'm going there." Ashlynn would never come if she saw me. No way, nuh uh not a chance. I argued with the bunch a little but.

"Fine, suit yourself." Azzie and Josh agreed. They all went up as I stayed back near the road.

It had felt like forever. I looked down at my watch, ugh 2 minutes had passed. What was taking so long. I stepped off my bike and started to walk up to the house. I saw them talking. I decided to go up there anyways.

Suddenly out of no where a car pulls up. I figured it was Mrs. Olson's, Ashlynns mom. I was wrong. I started to run up to my friends when suddenly a man popped out of the car in all black. I was sprinting, but it was a long driveway, and they were to busy in conversation to notice. I yelled "GUYS!" once and then suddenly I was grabbed by someone. I couldn't manage to scramble free no matter how hard I tried. I try to kick him but I couldn't.

Suddnely it all went blank. Blank as can be.

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