Harry Potter Repost

Chapter 1

Which Creature Am I

[x] You tend to be naive.
[x] You no not do anything illegal (You are Innocent).
[ ] You would only have XXX with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.
[ ] You only have a small handful of close friends.
[x] Out of your friends, you are the 'odd/unique' one.
[ ] You would prefer to live in a romantic, scenic area then in a busy city or town.
[X] You love your own company and have no problem with being alone.
[X] You tend to ignore and dislike rude or nasty people.
Total: 5

[X] You would rather be by yourself than with friends.
[ ] In fact, you don't really have many friends... Just acquintances.
[X] You are not very approachable.
[ ] If you were given a wish it would be to live forever.
[x] People are stupid. Apart from yourself.
[ ] It takes a special kind of person to befriend you.
[x] You are sly and cunning.
[x] You can hold a grudge for ages.
Total: 5

[x] You are gentle and have never been in (or try to avoid) fights.
[ ] You love the idea of being immortal.
[x] You are a free spirit and people have trouble telling you what to do.
[x] You are into the arts and can quite often be found singing and dancing.
[X] You are stonger than you look/Stong for your size.
[x] Although people may not always come to you for help, you would gladly offer aid.
[X] You like being outside slightly more than being inside.
[x] You are extremely loyal to your close friends.
Total: 7

[X] You are not very loyal/trust-worthy.
[X] You switch alliegances easily, to whomever can supply you with what it is you desire.
[X] You happen to make people around you feel miserable.
[X] Despite the point above, you thrive off of other's happiness.
[X] Nobody seems to like you. They just use you.
[x] You wouldn't think twice about taking revenge on someone.
[X] You are the 'nasty/evil' one at your school/in your family.
[x] You find it hard to express, (or feel), deep emotions.
Total: 8

[x] You value pride, so if someone insults you or your family you'd happily 'smack them one'.
[X] You hate rude people and expect others to have good manners.
[x] You are hard to understand, but you become good friends very quickly by those who do understand you.
[x] You are very loyal and protect your friends and family.
[ ] If you were given a wish, you would chose the gift of flight.
[ ] You would like to have children and start a small family.
[x] You are a mix match of types and have been called several stereotypes. (Emo, Hippy, Goth, Prep, Chav, ect...)
[x] You are not 'popular' as such, but have a group of friends you regularly hang aroung with.
Total: 6

[X] You prefer to keep your private life (relationship and family business), you know... Private.
[ ] You are close to the other people in your local area, or street.
[X] One of your most loved past-times is making or listening to music.
[ ] You think vampires are sadistic and evil.
[x] Your friends and youself are seen as the 'odd' or 'weird' group by the others, but you don't care.
[x] You are intelligent but have your silly moments.
[x] Although you don't like to fight, you can be feirce when you want to be.
[x] You like to live to a routine so that no suprises pop up when you least suspect it.
Total: 6

[X] People often think you are dark and depressing when, in reality, you're not.
[X] Many people find you confusing and do not tend to see your point of view.
[X] You can normally tell someone who's friendly from someone who's decietful.
[X] If someone tried to hurt you or a friend you would happily fight with them.
[X] You will co-operate with people you would normally not spend time with.
[X] You prefer dark, quiet, mysterious places like forests or marshes to bright, lively places like a beach.
[x] You are very smart although other's tend to think you're slow/dull.
[x] You can go unnoticed when you wish to do so.
Total: 8

[X] You think you would make a good parent.
[x] You are stubborn and do not take orders.
[X] You spend the majority of your time by yourself.
[x] Those who know you find you fascinating and respect you, but they are also cautious around you.
[x] You are quick to anger, and have a fiery temperment.
[x] You are rather useful and are good at many different activities.
[x] It takes you a long time to find someone 'special' to you, that you grow to adore.
[] You have an average intellect; having some moments of brilliance as well as quite a few of stupidity.
Total: 7

I am a Dementor / Thestral


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