Life As We Know It- Smosh Love Story ♥

Life As We Know It- Smosh Love Story ♥

I have a huge crush on the smosh guys ;)

(yes i know ian has a girlfriend, shut up.)

So once again in the tradition of youtuber fanfics, I'll be doing one on an incredibly awesome good looking youtuber. ;)
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Name: August Lila Barter
Age: 23
Profession: Youtuber
Traits: Short black hair, blue eyes

Chapter 1

I have a girlfriend...but thank you for the offer?

"Can I kiss you?"


We were sitting in the car, on the way back from Wendy's, and Anthony had just almost caused me to crash the car.

"Yeah, I have to agree with August when I say WHAT THE FVCK?!!!" Ian chimed in, as horrified as me. Anthony rolled his eyes. "For a video! Jeez..."
"Oh...uhh..." I was nearly back at the house. "Thank you, but...I have a girlfriend?" Anthony rolled his eyes again. "Your point? It would be acting, August, emphasis on the acting part."

"Oh, umm...I really don't think Justine would like that." Anthony snorted. "Does Justine like any of the videos we film?"
"She doesn't watch them." My voice sounded defensive. I hated when people bagged my Justine.

"Anthony, leave her alone, she's obviously not in the mood." Ian called from from the back seat, backing me up. I shot him a thankful look. "Actually," I said, smiling, "Thank you for reminding me, Anthony. I need to call her. Can I use your guys' phone?"
"Of course you can, August."
Ian said, and rolled his eyes at Anthony.

When we got back, I went in to their house and dialled her number, stepping in to Ian's bedroom to make the call.
"Well, you sound chipper." I noted, grinning, and she moaned.
"I'm sorry, I'm hung over. How are you?"
I smiled. "Fine, I guess. I'm at Ian and Anthony's."
She suddenly grew mad, and I kissed goodbye to the calm Justine.
"What? Why?"
"Because they're my friends."
She sighed, frustrated. "I'm not sure I like that."
I laughed. "I'm not sure its up to you," I told her.
"They are my friends, and I enjoy spending time with them."
"Didn't you used to have a crush on Ian?"
I grit my teeth. "That," I spat. "Is irrelevant. It doesn't matter what I feel...felt for Ian. I'm with you, Justine. Can't you understand that?"
She sniffed. "Right. Sure."
I frowned, getting mad. "Look, I'll see you tonight, okay? No need to get pissy."
"Ugh! I am not getting pissy. Whatever, August. See you tonight."
She hung up, and I scowled at the phone.

I turned back to the door, going to put it away, and froze, jumping.
Ian was in the doorway, arms folded.
"Is she mad?"
I nodded, trying to slow my heart. "She doesn't like you guys."
Ian rolled his eyes. "Yeah, well, maybe you shouldn't hang out with us anymore."
I started towards him, eyes narrowing. "Hey, don't you start. I don't need you being P.O'd at me too, Ian."
He sobered. "I'm not," He sighed. "I'm frustrated."
"Why are you frustrated?" I asked, and touched his arm. He winced slightly, and I wondered why, removing my hand.
"It doesn't matter." He said flatly.
"Ian..." I started, not even fully realising that I was probably getting too close for comfort. The thing was, though, it was too comfortable.

Oh, God, the feelings weren't gone at all.

I looked in to his blue eyes, deciding that if given the oppurtunity, I would drown myself in them. He stared back in to my eyes, and my gaze shifted to his lips suddenly. All I could think about was those lips, and how warm, perfect, and moist they would be against mine. Just one No, NO!

August, what are you doing, girl, you have a girlfriend! Girl, you aint even half straight...was I?

Before I had time to analyze, he pressed the softest of kisses to my lips, and pulled away.

"August..." He started to say, but I was already running past him and to the front door.

I cried the whole way home, unsure, for the first time ever, to who I even was.

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