Forgotten (Original Story)

Forgotten (Original Story)

So I got this idea from watching Xmen, Its not a copy dont worry, its different, and I hope you all like it!

Chapter 1


I was nine when I first discovered I was... Different.
Every part of my life came crashing down around me; I lost my family, my home, and my life.
I was so unsure, and scared. I didn't know what was happening, all I knew was that I wasn't the same as the other children. I could do things they couldn't do.
They pointed and stared, some ran from me when I showed them all. I didn't mean to do it, it just always seemed to happen.

Flash back
I liked to dance in the back fields at school. The wind followed my arms, and the rain would fall around me, never hitting me, the grass caressed my bare feet with each step I took and I felt warm, so very warm. The shadows who danced with me were like a cover, a soft partner who followed every step and stopped all obstructions.
"Shes a freak." I heard one of the other girls say as they watched me dance. I continued to spin anyway, I was lost in the movement, the way the world followed me.
"No wonder her parents dont want her." I heard. For a nine year old girl, I got very angry, I spun to face the other kids, and glared,and before I knew it, the shadows were tearing towards the girl who had spoken the words.

I remember her scream, its etched in my mind forever. I always knew I had a different kind of connection with the shadows that lay lifeless on the ground.They danced for me, moved when nothing else did, spoke to me almost. They were real to me. But back then, I was naive, I thought nothing of it, until that day.
But she was right, when my parents heard of what I had done, the abbandoned me.
I was a nine year old girl with nowhere to go. I was afraid, alone, and different.

"Mummy! Mummy!" I screamed and screamed until my throat was dry and no sound would come.
They left me out in the rain, it was dark and cold. I didn't feel the warmth anymore, and I let the rain and wind savage me, I deserved it. I made the shadows disappear, they didnt belong in the dark with me anymore.
"Please." I mumbled, barely mouthing the word.
"Come with me." A voice said from the darkness.
A voice so warm and welcoming, I followed without question.

Thats when I met the headmaster, and learned of the school.
A place where someone like me could belong, have a home. Be considered normal.
I wasn't different anymore. I was special.

So first chapter is sort of her back ground story, you will learn more about her in the next chapter, such as name and what not, and all the other characters will appear :D Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading! Comment, rate and share
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

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