A Vampire Diaries Damon Love Story

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - A new school, new friends, a new start.

Dear diary,
Today I have to start Robert.E.Lee High School, I'm pretty much dreading every moment of it. My mother passed away 6 weeks ago, dad said there were too many memories in the old house so we moved to the small town of Mystic Falls. Dad just recently started dating this women called Emily, she's alright I guess. She would never replace my mom though, even she knew that, but she was nice. My dad arranged me to walk with Matt Donovan to school as my dad had knew his parents for a few years, I used to be childhood friends with Matt, I cannot wait to see him again. His father passed away a year ago, we have both lost someone we really care about, he knows exactly how I feel. Maybe i'll meet some new friends at my new school, or i'll suffer the whole day alone... I hope I meet some friends, I really hope I do,
Ally x

I closed my journal and slid it between my two mattresses, sighing as I got up I went to have a shower. The shower was relaxing and refreshing, I hated having to get out of it. Showers always get rid of the tension, the worries, the stress. Wrapping a towel around myself I walked into my bedroom and looked in my closet, deciding what to wear. Once I had chosen an outfit I got dressed and did my makeup, putting on a little bit of mascara I was finally ready. I never put too much makeup on as I believe in natural beauty. Walking downstairs I collected the money my dad had left on the table along with a note, it read : Sorry I couldn't be here for your first day, my boss had called for a meeting, I hope you have a good day, remember to meet Matt, Love you sweetheart, Dad.

I put the money in my purse and put it in my bag, I think my dad wanted me to date Matt. He was my oldest friend, i'm not gonna date him. Looking at my watch I headed for the door, shutting it behind me I then walked down towards the Donovans.
I smiled as I walked to their door and knocked on it, while I waited I wondered whether Matt still looked the same, he used to be short and cute. Tracy, Matt's mom opened the door and yelled "Ally! How have you been sweetie?" She hugged me tight as I said "Nice to see you again! I've been alright, thanks. How have you been?" Tracy laughed and muttered "I've been good, it's been too long Ally! I'm a bit hungover actually..." I laughed as she felt her head, she went to carry on when Matt came up behind her and said "Mom, I don't think she wants to hear about your drinking party last night. Go to bed mom and sleep it off." I stared at Matt, I knew it was rude but he looked good, he was so much taller now, he still had his bright blue eyes and his blond hair. He still looked cute, I looked down and blushed. Tracy mumbled "It was so lovely to see you Ally! See you soon I hope." I said "It was good to see you too Tracy. Feel better soon." I gave her a smile as she smirked and walked slowly upstairs. Matt shut the door and gave me a huge hug, he sighed and said "It's been too long! It's great to see you Ally, you look... amazing." I blushed and muttered "Thanks Matt." I smiled and hugged him again before we started to walk to school. Matt turned to me and said "I'm really sorry about your mum, Ally. She was a wonderful woman." I smiled as I looked at his bright blue eyes and muttered "Thanks, Matt. And i'm sorry about your dad, he was a wonderful man." He smirked and said "Thanks. You can hang out with me at school if you want." I nodded and said "Yeah okay, thanks Matt." Matt looked at me and smiled, I smiled back as we got into the school. I walked to reception as Matt followed me there to keep me company while they printed my timetable, when they did I looked down at the paper. Locker 184 was my one, I walked over to the set of lockers and opened mine. Matt said "Hey I got to go to first lesson but i'll see you at break?" I muttered "Yeah see you." He smiled and waved before he walked off towards the gym. Shutting my locker I saw a brown haired girl standing next to me, she shut her locker too and said "Hey! You must be the new girl, I'm Elena." She smiled as I smiled back and replied "You have a really nice name, I'm Ally." Elena answered "You have a nice name too, you can hang around with me if you want." I nodded at her as we both laughed and walked to french. A boy approached us with blondish brown hair and green eyes, he was very gorgeous. I watched as the boy kissed Elena and turned towards me, he was taken. I felt a pang of jealousy as Elena had a good looking boyfriend but got over it soon enough as he and Elena looked perfect together. Elena walked over hand in hand with the boy and said "Ally, this is my boyfriend Stefan." Stefan smiled, shook my hand and muttered "Nice to meet you, Ally." I smiled back and nodded at him as he walked with us to french, he seemed very polite and respectful. I had a feeling I would get along great with these two. We walked into the classroom, it was loud and the students were just talking as the teacher had not arrived yet. Another dark brown haired girl approached us with a small smile on her face as she said to me "Your Ally, right? I'm Bonnie." I smiled and replied "Nice to meet you, Bonnie." Bonnie shook my hand then gasped, she pulled away and stared at me in shock and fear. I questioned "Is something wrong?" Bonnie replied "Erm, Elena can I speak with you a minute?" Elena looked at me then at Stefan in worry, she nodded and walked round the corner with Bonnie. I looked up at Stefan and asked "What was that about?" Stefan shrugged and muttered "I don't know, it's probably nothing, will you excuse me?" I nodded slowly as he walked out, leaving me wondering why Bonnie had acted so strange. I sat down as the teacher walked in and started the lesson, minutes went by and Elena, Bonnie and Stefan had not returned. I shrugged as it didn't really bother me, opening my book I wrote down a few notes from the board and waited for the lesson to finish. Watching the hand go round the clock it finally turned past 10 and the bell rang, the students all walked out of the classroom as I then did too. Keeping my head down I walked round the corner and bumped into Matt, he laughed and said "Sorry, how was first lesson?" I exhaled in relief, he had scared me, I laughed and replied "It was weird..." He muttered "Why, what happened?" I shrugged and said "I don't really know. It's break now right?" Matt sniggered and nodded as he guided me to the dining hall. Grabbing an apple from the lunch rack I walked with Matt over to a table, Elena, Stefan and Bonnie were already sitting there. I sat down next to Matt and looked up from the table, Elena said "Sorry about earlier, we had to leave." I stared at them in confusion when Bonnie muttered "I had a family issue..." Nodding at them I said "Oh okay, no problem." Picking up my apple I took a bite out of it and turned to Matt "How was gym?" I asked, trying to change subject. Matt took a huge bite out of his sandwich and muttered "It was good, got on the football team." We all cheered for Matt and laughed as he got embarassed. I patted him on the shoulder and said "Nice one." Elena then asked "You met anyone else today?" I shook my head and muttered "No not really." Matt said "Well you're about to meet another person anyway." I turned towards the boy approaching us, he was really good looking. The boy got to our table and said "It's Ally, right? I'm Tyler." I shook his hand and muttered "Yeah, it's nice to meet you Tyler." He was very good looking. Matt noticed I was staring at him, I shook out of it and ate my apple, feeling Matt's eyes on me. Stefan groaned and said "You got to be kidding me..." We all looked to where he was and saw a guy, he was even hotter. Why are there so many hot guys around here? This guy was different... He was wearing a leather jacket and a huge smirk on his face. His hair was black and scruffy, which made him even hotter. His eyes were a pale blue with a hint of black in them. He smirked as he strolled over to a table full of girls, flicking his hair to the side he winked at one of them. I burst out laughing as I turned to my table and said "He's so full of himself." Stefan, Matt and Tyler started laughing and Elena and Bonnie burst into hysterics. I was nearly crying with laughter because of how hot he thought he was. I asked Stefan "So, how do you know him?" Stefan muttered "He's my brother." I stopped laughing and said "I'm really sorry, I..." Stefan cut me off and replied "Don't worry, he is full of himself, too full of himself actually." I smirked as Stefan's brother came over to our table and sat next to Stefan, he put his arm around him and muttered "Hello brother." Stefan nudged him away and said "What do you want Damon?" I gasped quietly to myself as even his name was hot. Damon sniggered and replied "Your so nice to me, I wanted you to introduce me to your friend here." He gestured towards me as I looked down at the table and took another bite out of my apple. I looked up at him as Stefan said "Back off, Damon." Damon held his hands in the air, showing he was backing off but he turned to me and said "Hello, Ally." I looked at him, he smirked as his pupils were dilating and decreasing, I didn't know how but suddenley it was like I had to obey every order he gave me. Stefan grabbed Damons arm as he growled "Stop it. Now." Damons gaze moved away from me, I shook my head wondering what had just happened. Matt asked "Are you okay?" I answered "Yeah, I don't know what happened." I started laughing as Tyler then tapped me on the shoulder, I turned to him as he asked "You're in my next class, i'll walk you there if you want?" I looked at Matt then back at Tyler and said "Sure. See you later guys." Stefan, Elena, Bonnie and Matt all nodded as Damon muttered "It was nice to meet you, Ally." I laughed as he flicked his hair, he suddenley looked confused, Stefan, Elena and Bonnie started laughing again as I walked off with Tyler. We walked down the corridor, there was noone around, I gulped as I followed him towards the classrooms. Hoping he was just gonna walk with me, he pushed me against the wall and kiss my lips forcefully. I pushed him back and yelled "What the hell?!" Tyler kissed me again, pinning my arms against the wall he tried to open my shirt. I tried to scream but he covered my mouth as he kissed my neck. Suddenley he was pulled off of me, he was being pushed up against the opposite wall by... Damon? He went to punch him but I grabbed his fist and said "No." Damon dropped his arm, letting Tyler run away as he turned to me and muttered "That was gonna be the most fun I had in weeks and you tell me not to punch him." He groaned as he clenched his fist and unclenched it, I never said a word. I was completely shocked, Tyler had tried to hurt me, I just never expected it. Damon grabbed my shoulders and held me still as I felt his breath on my face he asked "Are you okay?" I replied "I'm fine, thankyou, Damon." I walked away from him towards english as the bell went, feeling his eyes on me as I walked into my classroom. I breathed slowly and forgot about it, writing down even more notes from the board. The teacher talked and talked about william shakespeare for another half an hour then the bell went. I walked out and saw Matt standing there waiting for me, I said "I'm sorry, Matt." Matt hugged me and said "Damon told us all what he did, during the lesson you just finished he got taken out of class and he never came back, I think he got arrested. I'm so sorry Ally!" He hugged me again. I pulled away and muttered "It's okay, Matt. Even I didn't know." We walked into the dining hall, I saw Bonnie, Elena and Stefan all running towards me, they gave me a big hug and kept apologizing. I whispered "It's not your fault, it's okay." We picked up some lunch and got a table, I took a seat next to Stefan and Matt. Bonnie said "I just can't believe he would do that." Elena replied "We've known him practically since primary." Matt said "I just never expected it." I ate some salad and tried to block out the conversation about Tyler then Stefan said "How about we all go to my place and hang out, have a few drinks, could be fun?" The others all agreed and nodded then Stefan said "Ally?" I smiled and said "Sure, why not." He smiled at all of us and said "Well then, i'll see you all later." He took Elena's hand and as Elena passed me she muttered "Hope you're okay." I smiled and mouthed 'thankyou', she smirked then walked off with Stefan towards last lesson. Me, Matt and Bonnie got up and walked to lesson, when the bell went we walked into the classroom dreading another hour of boredom. When the lesson had finished I gave Bonnie a hug goodbye as I said "See you tonight." She replied "See you." I waved as she walked the opposite direction and I walked out of school with Matt. When we got to his house he said "I'll pick you up to go to Stefan's later." I nodded and waved before I walked down to my house. Opening the door I walked into the kitchen and hugged my dad, "How was school, sweetheart?" I said "It was okay, made a couple of friends, i'm going round theres tonight." My dad nodded and muttered "Have a good time and don't stay out too late. Oh and how is Matt?" I replied "He's good." Dad looked back at his newspaper as I went upstairs, putting my bag on my bed I sat down and got out my diary.

Dear diary,
School was good, I met some great friends, Elena, Stefan, Bonnie. And a guy called Damon, he was incredibley hot. He kinda saved my life from Tyler. Even his name makes me shiver, He tried to do it with me in the middle of the school. I hope I never see him again, I couldn't believe he did that, I couldn't believe Damon had helped me. But I would never date him, he's that guy that dates woman one after the other, he probably dates a girl then dumps her the next day. He's the school stud. I know if I fell for him or dated him I would end up hurt and dumped. I think my dad is obsessed with me and Matt. He's always like 'How's Matt?' and 'remember to meet Matt.' I don't think I could ever date him, it just wouldn't be passionate. I'm going to Stefan's tonight with Matt, Bonnie, and Elena. And Damon will probably be there. I want to thank him again but I know he won't take it seriously he'll just take advantage of it and flirt with me. I'm gonna go and see my friends now,
Ally x

I walked downstairs, said goodbye to my dad and shut the door behind me. Matt gave a small smile and opened the passenger door for me, I got in and watched the road go by as we drove to the Salvatore Boarding House. Matt kept his eyes on the road and asked "How are you feeling?" I looked at him and replied "I'm okay, just still abit shocked but i'm fine. I'll just forget about it and have a good time." He sniggered and said "We sure will." He pulled into the driveway and we got out and knocked on the door, Stefan answered and said "Hey guys, come on in." He hugged me and patted Matt on the back. Matt stood back and let me go first, I smiled and walked inside, it was amazing! There were loads of books and antiques, it wasn't what I expected at all. Elena smiled and muttered "Ally! How are you doing?" I answered "I'm good, thankyou." She smiled and gave me a hug, Bonnie did the same. A velvet clear voice then yelled "I brought the partay!" We all turned around to see Damon walking down the steps with bottles of alcohol, Stefan said "We're not gonna go crazy tonight, Damon." Damon smirked and muttered "Okay, buzzkill bob." I stifled a giggle as Damon slumped next to me on the couch and put his arm around me, he said "Hello again, Ally. How you doing?" His breath was against my skin and it smelt like alcohol. I pulled his arm from around my shoulders and rested it on his lap "I'm fine." I got up and went into the kitchen to help Elena grab some glasses, I muttered "We've only just started and Damon's already drunk." Elena giggled as she handed me some glasses, she grabbed some more and said "That's Damon for you." I smirked and asked "What was up with Bonnie yesterday? Because it obviously wasn't a family issue because it was as soon as she met me." Elena gulped and answered "It was a family issue, Ally. Trust me." I didn't know whether I believe that, it feels like she's hiding something, like they all know but I don't. I nodded and took the glasses into the living room, passing them round I held one out to Damon, I put it into his hand but he dropped it, as it slipped through his fingers it hit the floor in a smash. "I'm sorry Stefan." I said, Stefan replied "No worries it's fine." I knelt down and picked the pieces up, one piece was so sharp that it slit my hand. I winced as it starting bleeding, Damon hopped up and fled the room, slamming the door behind him. I stared after him in shock as Elena ran over with a bandage and covered the wound up. Stefan gulped and said "I'll go check on Damon." Elena nodded as I asked "What the hell was that all about?" Elena shrugged, looking even more suspicious, Matt muttered "You okay Ally?" I nodded and sat down, opening a beer. A few moments later Stefan and Damon came back in the room as Damon said "Sorry about that, blood makes me squeamish." He sniggered slowly and quietly as I watched him open a beer. Drinking beer after beer I felt kind of tipsy, but pretty awesome. Matt said "Ally you look out of your head, do you want me to take you home?" I looked at him and mumbled "Nah, me cool." I started laughing. Damon said "We need to spice this up a bit. Don'tcha think?" He walked over to the stereo and played some really fast music. "Would you like to dance?" Damon asked me, I looked up at him and said "Sure, Matt you wanna dance?" Matt smirked and muttered "Okay." He got up and held his hand out to me I took it and stumbled into his strong arms, I muttered "Woah. Head rush." I started giggling as Elena and Bonnie were drunk too, I said "I can stand, I can stand." I pulled back from Matt's arms and steadied myself, but ended up falling backwards into Damon's arms. Damon muttered "Woah. Aha, you're sooo drunk." I laughed and put a finger to my lips and whispered "Shh.." He sniggered as he did the same. Matt sighed and sat down as Damon held me up and swayed me along to the music. Stefan and Elena came over and started swaying with us, we were all drunk apart from Matt sulking on the couch. Soon enough I had passed out and fell to sleep.

Hey guysXD its really long I know, but I felt it all fitted in together, so please please comment, cause if you tell me you like it then i will put the next chapter on here, if you dont then tell me how to improve, no harsh harsh comments please :) hope ya like it! Commentsssss!xx

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