I'm a Gang Member's Girlfriend (Love story)

Okay! Disclaimer alert : All the things in this story is made up. The gang names are made up. The names of the people are made up. I am just creating this story because I'm obssesed with the show 'Gangland' right now. I do not condone that you enter a gang or even affiliate with a gang. This story is for pure entertain purposes only.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

~One Week Later~
Gang symbols everywhere. Marking thier territory. Gang Black Bullets & Gang Faceless Assassins were at war. All the house were completely graffitiied. I started to take a different route when going to school. I did not wanna risk getting shot. Or even worse, seeing Blade. His nice hazel eyes and soft creme tan skin jsut made my heart melt. His concern when that bullet nearly took my arm off. His offer for a new shirt. I wonder why he's in a gang? It's been itching the back of my mind forever. I secretly wish I could see him again.

On my way to school, I would have a little bottle of mase or pepper spray. It made me feel just a little bit safer.
"Hey Viper!" I heard a familiar voice say. Chills were sent down my spine and I took my mase out of my pocket and spun around.
"What are you doing here?! Are you following me?!" I yelled.
"Dude! Unnecessary. You didn't have to use that creeper voice!" Blade popped up behind his friend.
"I...I told you..to...stay away from me..." My voice was getting shakey and my hands were becoming unsteady.
"Lyza...I just wanted to see you again. I won't do anything I promise." He said holding his hands up.
"Girl...you are fine!" His friend said walking up to me. "I never told you my name, i'm Travis."
I sprayed the mase but hit his shirt instead.
"Stay back! I hate you!" I said in a shakey voice.
"Trav! What the f - ck! Stop it! Your scaring her!" Blade pulled Travis back and gave a shy smile. "I'm sorry Lyza...He's just being a d-ck. He thinks he can get any girl he wants, when he knows I called dibs!" Blade said hitting the back of Travis's head. I cracked a smile and lowered my hands.
"I thought I said I would kill you if you tried to see me." I said calmly.
"You would've done so already if you didnt have a heart." Blade said stepping closer to me.
"How did you find me? I've been taking a different route for a week." I said stepping back a little.
"Blade wouldn't shut up about you...he kept whining and...OW!" Travis started explain but Blade slapped his head again.
"I just wanted to see you again Lyza. That's all." He smiled at me and laughed a little. I blushed and started walking again hoping they would follow me.
"You guys are in a gang." I stated.
"Yeahh. Black Bullets for the win!" Blade said with pride.
"Your not in the gang life are you?" Travis asked.
"No. I'm not." It was silent for a while and I saw my school in the distance.
"Ya know Viper. Blade is just a newbie to gang life. He only joined a month ago. He's still leanring the ropes. He's the baby of the family."
"Man, shut up!" He said blushing. I giggled a little bit. We were walking in silents when we heared more gun shots. I was starting to get used to it and I dropped to the ground. I felt Blade over me, shielding me, protecting me. I smiled into the grass and huddled for safety. I heard the tires screech and then I smelt burnt rubber. Blade got up first and I looked around, bullets shells lie on the grass all around us.
"Aaah!" I heard Travis yell. He was holding his stomach a patch of red stained his purple shirt.
"Oh my god. Travis are you ok?" I asked crawling over to him.
"No im not ok! Im shot! What kinda question is that?!" He said breathing heavily.
Okayy...that was a stupid question to ask I thought to myself.
"We gotta get him to a hospital." Blade said helping his friend up. I took Travis's other arm and we walked him to the hospital.
~At the hospital~
Travis was in surgery for the bullet wound. It missed his major arteries but it was still serious. Me and Blade were in the waiting room. He could not keep still. He kept swearing and pacing.
"Blade. Blade...calm down." I said grabbing his arm.
"I...I cant...Nothing ever happens to Trav...He took me in when my parents kicked me out...What if...What if he doesnt make it?" Blade's breaths were coming out in uneven waves. I had to comfort him if I didn't, I would be inhuman.
I put my hands on his cheeks and looked into those hazel eyes, "Look at me."
His eyes lifted and we were connected.
"You can not, and will not, think of that! He will make it through. You just need to believe it. Don't worry. I'm sure Travis is strong. He'll make it. I can feel it." I said softly. We stared at a each other for a good 30 seconds then the doctor came him.
"Travis will be fine...The surgery went as planned. He just needs to recover. We will keep him over night and you can come and get him in the morning." He left and Blade hugged me.
And I felt safe...secure.
"Thank you." He whispered. "I didn't mean for you to miss school..."
Oh cr - p...SCHOOL! I thought to myself. I pulled away quickly and gasped.
"Oh my god! School! I missed my test!" I grabbed my bag and checked my phone. It was noon. I slammed my palm into my forehead and groaned.
"I can't believe I missed my test!!!" I calmed down a bit and looked at Blade.
"I missed my test for a good reason." I smiled at him and blushed.
"You should get going...I don't want you missing any assignments and what not." He said walking me out of the hospital. He dropped me off at school and went back to the hospital. I couldn't stop thinking about him. <3

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