I'm a Gang Member's Girlfriend (Love story)

Okay! Disclaimer alert : All the things in this story is made up. The gang names are made up. The names of the people are made up. I am just creating this story because I'm obssesed with the show 'Gangland' right now. I do not condone that you enter a gang or even affiliate with a gang. This story is for pure entertain purposes only.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"Lyza! Are you done yet?" Blade yelled from the other side of the dressing room.
"Shut up! You caused this! I'll take as much time as I need!" I snapped. All the shirts I tried on were too big until the last one. I walked out with the shirt on and Blade smiled.
"Looks just like the one before."
"Good. Now let's buy it. I have school to go to." I said walking up to the register. She scanned the shirt and we went back to the car. Blade's friend, Snipe, had an alcohol wipe and a bandaid. He started to clean my arm.
"Oh! Watch it! I will kick your azz if you cause me anymore pain!" I said glaring at them.
"Ay, girl, I'm..." The driver started.
"It's Lyza. Not girl." I said with vemon.
"Anyway...I'm sorry. I didnt know it was gonna hit you." He continued. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. Snipe put the bandaid on my arm and sat back in his seat. I huddled as close to the door to the door as possible.
"Lyza...what's your real name?" Blade asked curiously.
"Ee-Lie-Za-Beth. Slow enough for you?" I hissed.
"She's got a temper. We'll call you Viper." The driver said.
"I don't need a nickname. Not like I'll see you guys again anyway."
My school was pulling up and I unbuckled.
"This your school? Dawson's High?" Blade said smiling.
"Yeah it is. Wipe that smirk off your face."
"What grade are you in?"
"I'm a junior."
"Junior?" He said confused.
"Uhhh...11th grade." I sighed. He's stupid. So stupid. I thought to myself. I grabbed the handle and pulled, locked.
"Unlock the door...NOW!" I yelled firmly.
"Before I do..." Blade said looking at me with his soft hazel eyes. "Will I see you again?" There was eagerness in his eyes.
My heart pulled towards him a little. But I stood my ground.
"No. No you wont. And if you try to see me... I will kill you." I heard the locks click off and I opened my door, still keeping my eyes locked on Blade's.
Before I closed the door, I heard him say, "She's beautiful."

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