Rumor Has It: A Justin Bieber Love Story

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Chapter 1

This Is High School Without The Musical


I woke up to the sound of a door slamming shut and I opened my eyes and was blinded by the light shining through the curtains.

???: Woah! This sight looks a little weird. Cheyenne! Wake up! You have to get ready for school!

I groaned and went to move but there was something in between my legs so I looked down and Chaz's head was resting on my stomach while his body was on top of my legs. I realized that this probably looked a little weird and I looked up and saw that Justin was still asleep. He looked so cute. His hair was covering his face a little and he would move around a little bit and would mumble something. I giggled and went to work Chaz up so I could get up because this wasn't a comfortable position for me and it was a little awkward.

Me: slapping Chaz's head Hey Chaz! Wake up, lazy butt! Time for school!
Chaz: groaning Ow! Okay! I'm awake! Now quit slapping me.
Me: Get your head off of my stomach then and get out from in between my heads.
Chaz: lifting his head and looking down Oh sorry. Your stomach is very soft. It's like a pillow.
Me: Um....thanks. Wake up Justin. I'm going to go take a shower and get ready for school. Okay?
Chaz: Sure, sure.

-30 Minutes Later-

I walked downstairs to find Justin and Chaz both gone. They must have went home to change and get ready for school.

I was wearing skinny jeans with an aqua blue cutoff shirt with a black tank top underneath it and I was my black ballet flats.

Me: yelling to my mom who was in the kitchen Bye mom! I'm going to school! See you when I get home! I love you! Bye!
My mom: Have a good day at school! I love you too! Bye sweetie pie!

I walked out to my Range Rover and got in and I started the car and was ready to back out of my driveway when someone knocked on the passenger side window. I jumped and looked it and saw Chaz sitting there smiling.

Me: Get in the car, Chaz.
Chaz: opening the car door Thank you, Cheyenne. I didn't have a ride to school and I didn't want to walk all the way there.
Me: You are so lazy. Maybe if you didn't fail your drivers test then you would have a license and maybe a car too.
Chaz: It isn't my fault that you didn't let me study.
Me: Why is it my fault that you didn't study?
Chaz: I don't know. I just like to blame things on you.
Me: Yeah. Well I like to skip and sing happy love songs but you don't see me doing that in public just because I like to.
Chaz: You sound like one of those little girls that killed people when they were younger.
Me: Yep. I've killed people Chaz.
Chaz: Really?
Me: driving down the road No, I haven't. I'm not crazy. Just because I like skipping and singing happy love songs doesn't make me killer.
Chaz: You would be one hot killer. I won't mind you killing me if the last thing that I saw was you.
Me: laughing That is a really bad way of flirting with me. Though killing you is an interesting thought. I've seen way too many CSI's so I can make your death look like an accident.
Chaz: Oh I bet that you could.
Me: That conversation is a little weird so let's not talk about it anymore and change the subject.
Chaz: Okay. Let's talk about you and Justin. How are things going between you two?
Me: Things are going just fine. Why do you care?
Chaz: I don't know. I just want to know if my guy best friend is treating my girl best friend good.
Me: Okay. Now what's the real reason?
Chaz: Okay. You caught me. I just wanted to know if you ever think about breaking up with him.
Me: There are times when I think that I would be better off not dating him but then I think that I already tried that and it was hell for both of us.
Chaz: Okay. Would you marry him if he asked you to?
Me: not really liking this conversation Yes, I would. Why are you asking all these questions?
Chaz: I don't know. I guess I just wanted to know that I really did lose out on my chance with you.
Me: Well I'm done with this conversation so let's just listen to music.

I turned on the radio and the song, 'On My Mind' by Cody Simpson started playing. I loved him so much and I loved his music too. I started singing along while Chaz was watching me and trying not to laugh.

-At School-

We parked in a parking space closest to the door since I was feeling lazy today. We got out of the car and I immediately saw people staring at me and thought that people knew something.

Me: as I walked past them Got a staring problem?
Random Girl: Nope. We are just getting a good look at the school sl^t. I mean who gets knocked up at your age?
Me: not really wanting to fight with anyone I'm not a sl^t. But you think that you want to think. I really could care less. Keep on hating because while you're hating on me, I'll be doing better things with my life instead of hating some one that I don't even know.

I walked away with Chaz by my side before she got a chance to say something to me. I ignored all the other looks that I got from people because they weren't worth the attention. I was walking towards my locker when I felt someone grab a hold of my hand. I looked to my right and saw Justin looking like he was just the luckiest guy on earth to be dating me. I guess no one was giving him crap for knocking me up. Lucky him.

Justin: Hey baby. How are you this morning?
Me: not wanting to give him an honest answer and risk saying the wrong thing Hey honey. I am great this morning. What about you?
Justin: smiling I am great. I have an amazing girlfriend, my life is going great and we are having a baby together.
Me: faking a smile Yeah. Life is just great for us.
Justin: Yeah. So has anyone talked to you about being pregnant?
Me: thinking back to the girl in the parking lot Nope. Has anyone talked to you?
Justin: Yeah. A couple people. They can't believe that I got you pregnant. Some people didn't even know that we were together.
Me: Hm....I thought that everyone in this school knew that we were together. I guess I was wrong.
Justin: Yeah. Chaz doesn't know though.
Me: Why doesn't he know?
Justin: I didn't tell him.
Me: Why not?
Justin: He likes you a lot. It would break his heart if he found out that he didn't have a chance with you now that you're pregnant.
Me: So you're lying to him to spare his feelings?
Justin: Exactly.
Me: You should tell him. He has a right to know.
Justin: I'll tell him when the time is right.
Me: Okay. As long as you tell him at some point.
Justin: I will.

We walked to class together and we received a few glances from our fellow classmates and they were whispering about us. How did I know this? I overhead one of them. It took everything I had not to snap and something to them. I could already tell it was going to be a long day for me......

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