I'm Not Falling For You

I'm Not Falling For You

Bella get's picked to be on a dating reality show! How will the guys show their love and who will be the last one standing!

Not mine :P Enjoy :)

Chapter 1


by: jellybab

I distantly heard my manager call my name, and I looked at him over the rim of my glass.

"How do you feel about that song as your opening?" He stood with his pencil poised, waiting for my response. I sighed loudly, wishing that I didn't have to make all these decisions. For the past 2 hours, I had been sitting in the executive suite of the Hilton hotel going over details for my new show.

Yes, I had a new show. Me. But I wasn't going to take credit for it. Rose and Alice, my two best friends, were the ones who entered me into this thing. We were at the mall shopping when Alice got wind of some sort of tryouts on the top floor. She practically dragged Rose and me up there, and once she found out that it was a dating show, she shoved me into the hot seat.

Alice and Rose had perfect boyfriends already, so it was me they were constantly playing matchmaker with. They forced me onto a slew of bad dates and were determined to find me the guy of my dreams.

Who knows how I had actually won this thing because my audition was anything but flawless. In fact, I had actually tripped over the microphone wires that were set up around the video camera. I was pretty sure the opening shot was of me tumbling face first toward the camera. Alice and Rose on the other hand, weren't surprised at all that they had picked me. They said that my good looks and clumsy demeanor would create charming drama, just what the producers were looking for.

So there I was, discussing the finer points of my new show with my manager I had just met. He was a younger man, about 28 years old, and he was not one to waste time.

"Isabella, are you listening to me?" he said in an aggravated tone. I noticed his face was turning a bright shade of red due to his frustration. I blinked guiltily back at him.

"Yeah, yeah... that songs um... perfect for the opening," I responded, only half knowing what I was agreeing to.

"Good, the producers feel the same way," he replied dutifully, jotting down something in his notebook. I knew all the decisions weren't mine, but it seemed they were trying to involve me as much as possible.

"Now this show is going to work just like any other reality dating show," he began, seemingly bursting with excitement. "I Love New York, Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, Tila Tequila..." he trailed off.

I nodded, I had seen all those shows with Rose and Alice, and I still couldn't actually believe that I was going to be the one doing the choosing. What the hell was I getting myself into? I had seen the insanely dramatic things that went on during those shows, and I hoped that nothing too crazy would happen during mine.

"What's it going to be called again?" I asked, taking another sip of my wine.

"I'm Not Falling For You," he said blankly, still staring at his notebook. I had definitely heard the inflection in his voice, but for the sake of my embarrassment I decided to ignore it. "There are seven very different contestants. And every day there will be challenges and activities, giving a chance for the men to prove themselves and their love. But each night you will have to eliminate one of them. In the end, you are supposed to have found the perfect guy for you."

I could tell he thought that would happen as much as I did. I didn't know who these guys were yet, but I was sure that whoever signed up for a show like this was not going to be the perfect guy for me.

I nodded, trying to let everything sink in. There were just so many things I had to remember. I had a wardrobe and makeup stylist plucking and picking at me all day. They had shown me to my dressing room, which was more like a large hotel room, and fitted me in dozens of outfits I normally wouldn't be caught dead in. I had an events coordinator and planner, drilling slogans and speeches into my head for hours. I had to run through a mock elimination ceremony and entrance walk, among many other things.

Rose and Alice were ridiculously excited about this. They had both taken two weeks off of work so they could stay with me and help me make my decisions. They were going to be there the entire time, but only showing themselves during the elimination ceremonies. They were both in my hotel room right now, watching the audition tapes of the guys that were going to be on the show.

My manager stood up and I did the same, hoping that this was over.

"Your limo will be leaving tomorrow around 8:00," he said gathering all his paperwork. "Your love house was finished this morning and you're all set to move in."

Love house. That was one thing I was definitely looking forward too. Apparently the girls, the contestants and I got to stay in an oversized mansion during filming. I had seen the houses from the other shows and I was certainly excited about that.

"Is that all?" I asked quickly, anxious to go back to my room.

"For now," he said giving me a stern look. "But keep your phone on; I will need to go over last minute details with you in about an hour or so after I talk to my boss."

I nodded, tapped the cell phone in my side pocket and headed outside to the elevator. I got inside, pressed the button to get to the 6th floor, and waited patiently.

Once I was on the right floor, I grabbed the room key from my purse and slid it in the waiting slot. I had hardly walked two feet into the room before Alice bounded over and threw herself at me.

"BELLA! OH MY GOD! Just WAIT till you see some of these guys!" she squealed, dragging me over to the couch. Rosalie was sitting on the floor, feet away from the television with the remote in her hand, grinning madly.

"You've watched all seven guys already?" I said astounded, reluctantly sitting next to Rosalie on the floor. Alice plopped down, almost in my lap and snatched the remote away from Rosalie.

"Yup!" replied Rosalie. Alice was a different story, but I had certainly never seen her this outwardly excited before. "And Bella let me tell you, they are HOTT!"

"Better than your boyfriend?" I joked, watching Alice press the rewind button.

"Not better," she said seriously, "But I think a few are just as good!"

After another minute of chatter, the video abruptly stopped signaling that it was back at the beginning.

Alice let out some sort of weird shaking excited noise and pressed play.

I took a deep breath, waiting to see the guys that I would have to choose from. Please let me like at least one of them, I chanted in my head.

The words, Contestant Number 1, flashed in bold black letters, and a video started rolling right after.

We were taken to a beautiful beach setting, and the three of us were glued to the screen, taking in the rich and open ocean atmosphere. It was breathtaking. From the right side, a figure finally stepped into view. He had tan rippling muscles that were glistening in the sun from the sheen of sweat that was covering his upper body. He had dark hair and dark eyes that felt like they were penetrating into mine through the screen.

"Hello Isabella," the boy said in husky voice, his hair blowing a little in what must have been a slight breeze. "My name is Jacob. And this is where I live, La Push, Washington. As you can see," he said, gesturing wildly around him, "I love the beach. I am hoping that I will be able to take you here one day, so we can enjoy it together. I love taking risks, that's why I signed up for this show. I can't wait to meet you Isabella," he crooned, and then the screen went black.

Alice got on her knees and paused it, looking as if she was about to explode with squeals.

But I couldn't form any words. My mouth was practically on the floor by the end of his video. Jacob was one of the hottest guys I had probably ever seen in my life. Alice and Rose were beside themselves with giggles at my inability to comment.

"He's one of our favorites!" said Alice, while Rosalie nodded.

"What a way to start!" I finally said in a daze, now getting excited to see the rest of the contestants. They couldn't all be this good, could they? Alice must have read my mind because she sat back down and pressed the play button.

Contestant Number 2 flashed in bold letters again, and another video started rolling.

We were taken to a very large, but almost crooked looking house. What was this? I thought. But once the second contestant stepped into view, I was no longer thinking about the house because a tall redheaded man was smiling beautifully into the camera.

"Hey Isabella," he said, "I'm Ron, and this is where I live, The Burrow. I have five brothers and a little sister, and family has always been the most important thing me. I just graduated and I can't wait to come to America, and I'm bloody excited to meet you." He gave me a cute wave, and when he stood up to turn off the camera, I got a lovely view of his body.

"/Wow/," I said when the screen went black. "A british guy with an accent?"

"Isn't he sexy?" said Rosalie, "I love the red hair, don't see too much of that around here."

I shook my head in disbelief; already I was having trouble deciding if I liked Jacob or Ron better. But I turned back to the screen as Contestant Number Three flashed before me.

A large field was the opening picture, and a football came flying out of nowhere and into the arms of a blond headed man who seemlingly appeared at just the right time to catch it. He had really bright eyes with light blond hair. He was wearing just a tank top and athletic shorts, but it was obvious that he had an impeccable body.

"Isabella," he said, panting slightly. "I'm Mike, and I'd do anything to win this competition."

A bit overly anxious, I thought. But it was hard to deny, he was hott.

"I love outdoor activities, and I love a good chase," he hinted, looking directly into the camera. "I am counting down the days until I can see you." He then looked away and pointed at something we couldn't see. He drew back and roughly threw the football, and after a moment pumped his fist in victory. The screen went black.

I fell into a fit of laughter at his cocky display. But I had to admit I was excited about him too. He had a great body and he was already really into me, just from seeing my picture. His enthusiasm was contagious.

Alice wasn't too keen on him though.

"He's good looking, but he seems like a jerk," she said. Rosalie quickly shook her head in disagreement.

"So he's a little confident? What's wrong with that? I like him." She said firmly.

Alice and I shared a look. Of course Rosalie wouldn't be turned off by a little confidence. She was usually a bit over confident herself, but we loved her just the same. She wouldn't be Rosalie if she wasn't.

Contestant #4 flashed across the screen in bold letters.

We were in a large expensive looking office, facing a desk with a leather chair turned away from us. After a moment, the chair spun around, and the man pretended as if he was just finishing up something extremely important.

"Welcome Isabella," he said. He was a slim but sharp looking man, dressed in a very nice business suit. He was obviously wealthy and wanted it to show. But he did have a handsome face; I had to give him that. "I'm Eric, and I am coming there to show you how I am the perfect guy for you. You see, I worked hard to get where I am, and a girl like you needs someone who can support her... give her the finer things in life." He got up, walked around his desk and sat down on the edge, loosening his tie. "I am also not afraid to... let loose, show you my passionate side."

Rosalie snorted next to me.

"So farewell Isabella, see you soon." The screen went black.

"I'm willing to bet that guy has as much passion as a dead animal," huffed Rosalie, rolling her eyes at me.

"How do you know?" disagreed Alice, "He seems like a motivated and mature man who is secure with himself," she said. "And don't say he isn't passionate, we don't know that yet! He could be great for Bella."

I could already tell having them with me was not going to make my elimination decisions any easier. They couldn't even agree after first impressions. To be honest, I liked Eric. I mean he wasn't the best looking out of the four I had seen, but he was cute. And there was nothing wrong with a stable guy. I wasn't going to rule him out yet.

Contestant #5

"Oh wait until you see him Bella!" whispered Alice next to me, moving in closer.

The video opened up, slowing closing in on a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago. A guy was leaning on it with a wide grin. He had on a leather jacket and boots, looking like a real badass, but I liked him immediately.

"What's up Isabella, I'm Tyler," he said, nodding his head in welcome. We watched as he opened the door and got inside the silver car, turning back to the camera to talk to us from his window. "If you didn't already notice, I like surrounding myself with beautiful things. And you would be my perfect accessory."

I didn't exactly like how he made me sound like a trophy, but his good looks were distracting and I realized I didn't care. Not only did he look like fun, but he was god damn sexy.

"I can't wait to meet you," he said turning on the ignition. "Goodbye Isabella, I'm driving to LA to come get you." With those words he sped off, leaving a trail of dust behind him. I shivered at his words, loving how they thrilled me.

"I like him," I said out loud, once the screen went black. "He looks like a good time."

Rose and Alice agreed fervently.

"You haven't even seen MY favorite yet," Alice told me, but there's one more guy before him.

Contestant #6

We were led into a high school setting, which turned me off a little bit. I was hoping he wasn't still a student; I had graduated over two years ago.

The camera zoomed in on a staircase where a blond boy was perched. He had spiky blond hair and a charming smile. Hm, he looks old enough. I thought.

"Hey Isabella," he began, standing up and leaning against the railing. I couldn't help but notice he was wearing 80's high tops. But it didn't matter, for some reason he pulled off the look well. "I'm Zack. And I couldn't help but get involved once I heard about this little competition you're having. See, I love adventure, I love planning, and I like winning. And I want you Isabella." He hopped off the stairs and walked over to one of the lockers. He popped it open and pulled out a single rose. He turned and gave me a smile, and the screen went black.

"What a schemer," said Alice. "It looks like he's going to cause drama."

"He's cute though," said Rosalie, "Kind of in a high school kind of way."

I nodded; Zack was indeed a cutie pie. Someone I would have definitely had a crush on when I was younger. I couldn't believe it, but I was completely satisfied with all the contestants so far. Picking just one was going to be harder than I thought.

"Last one," said Alice in an excited voice. She un-paused it, and I watched with anticipation as Contestant #8 flashed.

The camera was shaking violently and I heard laughter in the background. I couldn't see anything clearly but it seemed as if we were in a bedroom. I heard a loud smack and gasped. Someone had obviously just been slapped.

As the camera righted itself, my eyes widened, taking in the last contestant.

Even though he had a scowl on his face, he was devastatingly handsome, the best one yet.

"/Start talking!/" a voice hissed in the background, and he sat up and for the first time looked back at the camera. His eyes were impossibly green, and I could do nothing but helplessly stare back at him.

"Hello Isabella," he said in a controlled tone. "My name is Edward. And I'm going to be honest and tell you it wasn't my idea to sign up for this. My brothers insisted after I made one little comment when I saw your picture. I will admit that you are very beautiful. I don't know what else to say, so I suppose I will see you sometime soon."

The screen went black.

"Isn't he so handsome?" said Alice, resting her head on my shoulder.

"Very," I replied. "But he doesn't seem like he even wants to come." I didn't want to admit it, but I was a little disappointed in his tape. He was impossibly beautiful, but if he wasn't interested, there would be no reason for me to keep him around very long.

"But that's what makes him the most normal," Alice insisted, trying to lift my mood. "And besides, you have got seven great guys to choose from!"

"Exactly," agreed Rosalie. "One of them is bound to be a good match for you."

I nodded and ran over the contestants in my head. Jacob, Ron, Mike, Eric, Tyler, Zack, Edward.

I wondered who I would like the best. Who was going to be the one left standing?

I couldn't sleep that night, and I woke up feeling groggy and very unprepared to start filming a show where millions of people would be watching.

When we arrived at The Love House, my jaw dropped onto the floor. It looked like a Castle that you only saw in fairy tales. Rosalie and Alice were squealing happily beside me, and before I could even take a good look around, they were dragging me inside.

The whole house was furnished to perfection, and I learned that Rose, Alice, and I even had a hallway to ourselves. There were large photos of me everywhere, including a life size one that was staring at you the second you walked through the door.

But after seeing the one of my hanging over the toilet, I insisted the producers take it down.

There were only two hours left, two hours until the show starts, and two hours until all the contestants met me for the first time.

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