Descent into Darkness (The Story of Bellatrix Lestrange)

Descent into Darkness (The Story of Bellatrix Lestrange)

Chapter 9

The End

Not a diary entry, this is just her thoughts and actions

I don't know where I am. I can't feel anyting or see anything. I am surrounded by grey fog. It swirls around me like smoke from a fire. The last thing I remember before the greyness was a flash of red hair. I was fighting the weasley woman. We were at Hogwarts, fighting Harry Potter and his freinds. I remember killing the small blonde boy, Collin Creevey I think his name was. And there was the fight with my niece. She had been seperated from her half-breed husband and I snuck up from behind her and hit her with a spell right between the shoulder blades. She flew forward and hit the stone wall before sliding to the ground. I wait patiently, my wand pointed at her, while she pulls herself up. She hits me with a spell, shoving me backward. It feels like someone hit me in the chest with a mini van. But I don't stay down. I start swinging my arm, casting spell after spell. She dodges some and casts her own spells. I weave around the jets of light, looking for an opening. I finally see one and cast my final spell. A flash of green light hits her in the chest, right over her heart. Her eyes widen slightly as she falls, dead before she hits the ground.

I remember the forest. The Dark Lord finally killed Harry Potter, but something happened to him. As the spell hit Harry, the Dark Lord went limp and fell to the ground, unmoving. I dropped to my knees next to him, scooping his limp form into my arms. I shouted his name, begging him to wake up but I may as well have been yelling at a wall for all the good it did. It was a good 15 minutes before he finally began to stir and when he did he shoved me away, throwing me to the ground. Anger flared up and I gripped my wand, but it quickly fled and I relaxed.

But Harry wasn't dead. The Dark Lord was bragging. I was barely listening. I was disappointed that the battle was over. In all honesty I was expecting to die in that battle, but I was alive and nothing had changed. But then Harry Potter was gone and the battle was back on. I fought viciously, mowing down anyone in my path. We ended up in the Great Hall, fighting on the Slytherin table. I was attacking the red headed girl when her mother disrupted us. She fought with a fiercness I have never seen before. I could barely get a spell in, I spent most of the time blocking her spells. Then I missed one. It hit me in the chest and for just a moment, no more than a fraction of a second, all the pain and the hatred and the anger was gone and I felt...light.

So now I have my answer. The weasley woman killed me and I was right, there is nothing after death, just smoke and emptyness.

But suddenly I can feel soft ground benieth my back and legs. I can smell clean, fresh air and wild flowers. I can feel a light wind blowing over me and I can feel warm sunlight on my skin. Then the grey fog is burned away by a bright yellow light. My hand flies up to block the bright sunlight suddenly flooding my sight. I slowly sit up and look around. I am in a field of long, wild grass. Wildflowers surround me, turning the field into a mosaic of color. I push myself to my bare feet. I look down to see that I am wearing a white sundress that flows around my ankles and leaves my arms bare from the shoulders down.

I take a cautious step forward, then another. The grass is soft under my bare feet and for the first time in almost 50 years I am excited. I don't know why, there is no reason for it, but I do. My heart is racing a hundred miles a minute and my hands are shaking. I pick up my pace until I am practically running. The field around me turns to a blur as I run. It seems like forever before I finally see something. I slow down and then stop. I am standing about 100 meters from a small cottage. It is surrounded by a picturesque yard and waist high fence. It looks like it was plucked right out of a fairy tale. My eyes fall on something red and moving in that yard. It is a little girl, maybe 2 or 3 years old with long red hair that flows like water down her back. I stumble forward, practically hypervenhilating until I am close enough to touch the gate. The little girl spins and locks her gaze on me. She has a pale face dotted with light freckles across her rosy cheeks. She has brilliant green eyes that are so farmiliar I gasp.

"Mama!" she exclaims and runs toward me. With a shaking hand I reach out and unlatch the gate, swinging it open. She flies through it and wraps her small arms around my knees, laughing a high, tinkling laugh. Barely able to breathe, I place a hand on her silky hair and she looks up at me with those green eyes. She holds her arms out and I pick her up. She places her small hands on either side of my face and laughs again. I can't take my eyes off of her. She is perfect and beautiful and amazing. She smells like vanilla and lavendar and her green eyes are shining.

"Mama, you came home," she says and then leans in to wrap her arms around my neck and hug me. I hold her tight, vowing to never let her go again. She feels so real against me. I can even hear her light heart beat and feel her hair brushing across my face, tickling my nose.

Then the bright red door of the cottage swings open and a boy is standing there. He has long messy brown hair that falls to his shoulders and his green eyes are full of mischief. He looks exactly the same as I remember and tears instantly fill my eyes, blurring my vision. He strides slowly forward until he is right in front of me. One, long fingered hand reaches out and cups my cheek. I lean into his touch, happier than I have ever been, even if this is a dream. Then his arms are around me once again and I am crying against his neck. Our little girl is sandwiched between us, laughing. My lips finally find his and my heaven is complete. He tastes exactly the same, his lips just as soft and gentle. When we break apart, he keeps his arms around me and his eyes never leave mine.

"Look daddy, mama came home," says our little girl excitedly.

"Yes she did Lilly, just like I always told you she would," says Adraxius.

"And you will stay mama, you will stay?" asks Lilly, so serious for such a young child.

"Forever," say both Adraxius and I in unison and with my true loves arms around my waist and my little girl in my arms, we walk across the perfect lawn and into that cottage where we will be together for the rest of forever.


I hope you liked it. I have another Bellatrix Story coming soon. Thanks for reading my story!!

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