Descent into Darkness (The Story of Bellatrix Lestrange)

Descent into Darkness (The Story of Bellatrix Lestrange)

Chapter 1

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I warn you now that this story does not have a happy ending. This is my version of how Bellatrix Lestrange became the insane Death eater she is. It will be written in the form of a diary that Bellatrix kept right after she was sent to Azkaban. It will have some dark spots I'm sure, this is Bellatrix we are talking about, but it is also a love story. Maybe not the love story you are expecting, but a love story none the less. Bellatrix is my favorite character and she is very complex once you get past her initial insanity. This story will unravel those hidden complexities and give reason to her madness. I hope you like it and please comment and tell me what you think so I know if I should keep going or give it up. Thanks!

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