In My Pants ;)

Chapter 1


1.Somebody to Love in my pants
Ahahahah xD Yep, that's right. :P

2.Start Me Up in my pants
Of course.... Just- of course...

3.Shooting Star in my pants
Hehehe xD

4.Hotel Room Service in my pants
I can't even say how dirty all these are...

5.How You Remind Me in my pants
Oh god...

6. No air in my pants
Tooo... tiight.... xD

7. Not Myself Tonight in my pants
Yep... everything is just different. :'(

8.Imagine in my pants
I bet it's a good daydream ;)

9.How to love in my pants
Ahaha xD

10. Jar of Hearts in my pants
Yep... that's why they're so tight and there is no air.

11.Please don't stop the music in my pants
Yep... built in speakers. xD

12. What about Now in my pants

13. Second chance in my pants
.... Well apparently I give second chances.

14. Landslide in my pants
Now I'm really laughing...

15.Riot in my pants
That's right!

16. Take a Bow in my pants
Go ahead... just do it! xD

17. The show goes on in my pants
Ahaha xD

18. California Kind Bed in my pants
Must be alot of room down there...

19. Sparks Fly in my pants
That's just too funny...

20. Sweet dreams in my pants
Ope... :P

21. Hello, I love you in my pants
Wow... :P

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