Fight a Bully

It's about a Girl who gets bullied on and taunted all through the school year but there is nothing disturbing actually.

Chapter 1

Don't be late!

by: Sabrebre
A Teenage girl whose name is La'tasha was Alienated to another school closer to her parents house. She was away so much and hardly even visited her parents because her Dad wanted her to go to a Good school that had more to offer and that had Career centers and longer hours in class. Her last phone call to her Mother was last night and the parents were there,waiting outside the porch on the steps. La'tasha stepped out the Honda X4 Truck with her Cellphone and Backpack in her hands,she dropped them and excitedly hugged her parents with Affection.
"My sweetheart,I miss you." Said Mother. Father touched his daughter's hair saying,"We both missed you." Mother went back inside to finish cooking her Daughter's favorite recipe and Father showed La'tasha her bedroom. "You guys pasted pictures on my wall when I was little"? La'tasha said content. "For memories,Tasha. Now get dressed,don't want to be late for dinner." La'tasha was unpacking her belongings and sat her 1 Frame on the center of her dresser of her Best friend from E-wind High School. She took a wash up,put Cologne on her,and tied her hair up in a poiny-tail. Her Mother called her and Tasha went downstairs and sat In front of Father. La'tasha asked,"Why did you cook this Mom"? Mother said,"Well,You liked eating stuff like this when you was little so I thought you might still like it." Father said,"That girl could eat,you hear me Yolanda. She eat anything off the floor too,Had to teach her what her Mouth was for. that girl." La'tasha smiled while opening the napkin.

It was 10:00pm and the Family was in bed. La'tasha woke up and heard noise but she looked under her bed and it was her puppy named Chester. "Hey baby. How ya' been boy." Next morning,La'tasha was tieing her shoes and her Father called her,"Tasha! It's time to come downstairs!" La'tasha grabbed her backpack and went down quickly while her puppy was following her. Mother Yolanda tapped the Windowshield and waved Bye. 7 minutes later,There was the School. "Thanks for driving me to School Dad. I'll see you later." La'tasha got out and Father said,"Hurry to class." The principal was screaming while standing outside the gate,"Get to class Immediately! Move along scrappers!" La'tasha was shocked,she never heard a principal so angry. When she got inside and stood in line at the Registration window,she showed the Man her Class period paper and he said," You were sent this copy to where ever you were from and now you will be going to room 314. Have a Good day." La'tasha was searching for her homeroom when a boy with Freckles gave her a sour look. Teacher named Mr. Stiffer was collecting homework and she said,"Hi,I'm La'tasha." He said with Gratitude shaking her hand,"Well,Hello. Nice to meet you La'tasha,please take a seat." La'tasha sat next to the boy popping gum loudly with his feet on the chair metal. "Everybody,we have a new student. Her name is La'tasha,please be respectful and you,spit out your gum please." 4 girls in the back row were mean girls,they didn't like anybody who wasn't pretty,Who was an outcast,and doesn't wear cool clothes.

It was lunch period and La'tasha was ready to go home until she met a girl named Miranda. She said,"Hey! I'm Miranda. You must be new here. Your name is Tasha right?" La'tasha said,"Yes. But it has an 'La' Infront of it. But it's okay. I use to get called that all the time. My dad calls me Tasha. Miranda sat next to her and said,"Sweet!" Miranda took a bite off the apple and said,"How do you like School?" La'tasha said,"It's alright. I can live with my Parents again. I missed them. My dad wanted me to go to a school farther from home because it was better than this." Miranda said,"I see. It was the same with me so we both did the same thing." La'tasha said "Cool. So what homework was the teacher collecting?" Miranda said,"Categories." La'tasha said,"Nice." Lunch was over,Algebra class was over,and P.e was over. La'tasha's Father picked her up,He went in her room and said,"How was it?" She got up and said,"Alright." He said,"Good. It's time for dinner." Mother cooked Gravioli,Potato salad,Chicken breasts and Mushrooms. After dinner,La'tasha put on a movie and puppy Chester played on her stomach. She felt asleep in the middle of the movie and Mother Yolanda closed her door silently.

It's time for School and Father is looking at his watch while Mother prepares her Daughter's lunch. La'tasha was putting her watch on while running down stairs. Father was getting the car running and Mother followed La'tasha saying,"Have a Good day Sweetie. Here's your Lunch." La'tasha got out the car saying,"Bye Dad,See you later." Father said,"Hurry for class now." The principal was there again yelling at the students. La'tasha is walking to room 314 and suddenly she bumped into the mean girl and she dropped her Diary. The mean girl gave La'tasha a sour look and picked up her diary saying,"Ohh look,a Diary girls. Let's read this out loud!" They laughed. She gave the diary to La'tasha and said,"Watch where you're going,Okay?" The bell ranged and La'tasha was given another sour look by the freckled boy. Mr. Stiffer greeted the classmates and told them to take out a piece of paper and something to write with. Mr. Stiffer was writing on the chalkboard while La'tasha went to the pencil Sharpener. The mean girl wearing blue pants put gum on the Chubby girls hair and the 3 other mean girls laughed. After studying for 45 minutes,the bell ranged and it was time for 2nd period,Miranda walked up to la'tasha saying,"Hey!" La'tasha said,"Hi. How are you?" Miranda said,"I'm fine,thanks for asking. I'll see you at lunch. Time does not play." Miranda chuckled.

It was time to go home now,La'tasha went to the waterfountain and the freckled boy turned around and gave her the same sour look. Her Father was waiting and she hurried to the car,He asked,"How was the second day of School?" La'tasha said,"okay." While driving and his coffee moving side to side,He asked,"Got any homework?" She said,"Yes. Plenty of it. Can you believe I have to do Fractions,decimals and solutions? Then I have to do this essay about drugs." Father chuckled and said,"You might need to get to work before dinner. Don't want you to fail on your second day of School." La'tasha and Father walked inside and mother was sitting there reading a newspaper. "Hi,Sweetie." Mother got up and took her glasses off,She kissed her husband on the forehead and hugged La'tasha. "Dinner is ready but I know you have homework,right?" Father said,"She does and she needs to get to it." La'tasha said,"I'll be down though Mom." She smiled. La'tasha was calculating and Puppy Chester was playing with the jungle ball on her bed. It was 7:21pm and La'tasha was drinking tea downstairs and she walked to the car and put her backpack in the backseat. The bell ranged and La'tasha was on time,the mean girl put her hand on Tasha's books and slid them to the floor. She looked down and said,"Whoops." They laughed. La'tasha picked it up and got out her pen. It was 10 minutes in class,the boy next to her was falling asleep and the mean girl through a pen at her,La'tasha looked back and the girls acted like they didn't do anything. Mr. Stiffer said,"Alright class,hand over your paper. For those who didn't do homework,see me after class." Half of the class sighed. It was P.e n ow ,School was almost over and La'tasha was sitting on the grass rubbing lotion on her legs. The bell ranged,15 minutes of P.e and it was time to go home for dinner,Miranda called La'tasha waving and la'tasha said,"Bye Miranda!".


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