Harry Potter is a Slytherin (HP FanFic)

Just something I had written a while ago. I dusted it off, rewrote parts of it, and here it is again!
((This was originally posted on FanFiction.net, and this version will shortly be posted there as well.))

Please let me know what you think about it! There will be some Weasley bashing, at least at first, because that's just Draco for you. :D --Team Carlisle

Chapter 1

Book One



Chapter One

Though he and Ronald Weasley had begun a tentative friendship on the train already, this was that boy....the boy he had met before Ron, in Madame Malkin's. Ron had been filling Harry's ears with tales of dark creatures and darker wizards coming from "Slytherin House" the entire way to the school, but Harry knew a bias when he heard one. Living with the Dursleys had ensured that. So when Draco Malfoy held out his hand, Harry didn't hesitate to take it.

Shocked murmurs filled the staircase where they were gathered. Harry Potter was on Draco Malfoy's side? Draco smiled proudly and drew Harry over to where Crabbe and Goyle stood. Ron spluttered behind them, and tried to tug Harry back his way. Harry shook Ron's hand off easily, and the red-headed boy rounded on Malfoy:

"You're--you're corrupting him already! He shouldn't hang out with you and your little cronies--you'll turn him evil!" Draco smirked easily at the infuriated Weasley, just as Professor McGonagall arrived. She tapped Ronald on the shoulder with her scroll, and tipped her head to indicate he had better back off. Ron glared one last time, then stepped away.

"We're ready for you now."

The gleaming Great Hall was packed with students all waiting for the Sorting to begin. House banners hung over each of the long tables, depicting the House Animals. Harry's personal favourite, he decided was the Snake of Slytherin House, its silver coils sparkling in the light of the hundreds of candles and torches in the Hall. The Hufflepuff Badger was nice too; there was something eye-catching about the black on yellow. The Ravenclaw Eagle wasn't bad, but not to Harry's taste, and--Harry's eyes watered at the intensity of the red smothering Gryffindor table.

Harry nudged Draco with his elbow, and pointed to the red and gold House table, silently shaking his head at the riotous colours. Malfoy smirked.

"You're going to fit right in at Slytherin," he drawled. "You made the right decision you know--that Weasley boy would have been your one way ticket to Gryffindor with the rest of his weasel family."

Harry spotted three red-heads at the far end of Gryffindor table, and recognized them as the boys from Platform 9 3/4. Remembering the youngest, Ginny, begging to go see Harry on the train made him shudder. Malfoy laughed easily.

"So, do families all go in the same House?" Harry asked, a little nervous. He didn't know which House his parents had been--what if they hadn't been in Slytherin?

"No, that's just the weasels. There are twins that aren't in the same Houses, and brothers and sisters will get split up according to their talents. I guess all the Weasleys are really little lions at heart, then." Malfoy snorted, scowling at the trio as they passed by.

Harry, Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle stopped when they reached the stairs to the Head Table. At the top of those stairs, just in front of the Head Table was a small, three-legged stool, and on top of that was a very worn old hat.

Harry jumped as the Hat began to sing its song, as well as many other first years. Draco and his friends did not, and Harry envied him. How much else did Draco know of Hogwarts and wizarding life? He felt very stupid standing next to the pureblood.

As he listened to the descriptions of the Houses, he grew more and more downcast. None of them sounded like they would fit him. What if he put the Hat on, and it didn't say anything? What if it said he wasn't worthy of any of the Houses? Would they put him back on the train? Or would they call the Dursleys to come pick him up?

"Malfoy, Draco!" Harry started as he realized how far along into the Sorting they were. It was almost his turn! Draco grinned at Harry as he went up to the Hat, though he wondered at what Harry had been thinking. One moment, he was awed at the Great Hall; the next he was shuddering at some bad memory; the next he was downright sad. Draco shook his head--obviously Harry had not been trained as Draco had. Draco was a Malfoy, and had been reared accordingly. Emotions were never on display for all to see--something he had accomplished at eleven years of age, unlike Harry. Perhaps he could help the boy in that regard....

Draco sat down on the wobbly stool, holding onto the edges to keep himself steady. The light pressure of the Hat descended towards him, and he just felt the brush of fabric against his head when--


Harry's eyes widened in surprise. No one had been that quickly chosen for a House! Draco caught Harry's eye before he hurried off to the cheering house table bedecked in green and silver.

As Harry's name was called, whispers of excitement filled the Great Hall. Harry did his best to ignore them, and the hopeful-looking Ron, on his way to the stool. Reaching the small seat, he turned and sat gingerly on it, waiting anxiously for the Hat. The light weight of fabric descended on him, slipping down over his ears and eyes, blocking out the sight and sound of hundreds of pointing students.

"Hmm, Harry Potter....Where to put you? You would do well in the House of Snakes, I see....you could be very powerful there, powerful indeed, and your greatest allies could be found there..." The Hat paused in its musings as Harry's heart leapt. Perhaps he would be placed in Slytherin with Draco? "But you could also do well in Gryffindor, yes. Bravery resides in your heart, and you could also find friendship therein." Harry's heart sank to the floor.

Not Gryffindor....Not Gryffindor....please not Gryffindor.... He thought, wishing he could somehow be heard by the Hat.

"Not Gryffindor, eh?" The Hat suddenly spoke, and Harry jumped. He thought he could hear faint laughter, but blocked it out as well he could.

"An unusual choice for a student....Very well, then. SLYTHERIN!" The Hat shouted the last word to the Great Hall. Harry felt the Hat pulled off his head, and he was suddenly faced with a Hall full of shocked and silent students.

"No way!" Someone at the Gryffindor table shouted. Muttering swept up Ravenclaw table. The Hufflepuffs watched him in some concern as he shrank back from the deadly glares shot his way.

Suddenly silence fell. It was as though someone had turned the volume off, or had put a blanket over the whole Hall. Someone was coming up the Hall towards Harry, climbing the stairs....Harry turned, hoping for aid. Draco Malfoy stood nearby, one hand outstretched, and smiling genuinely.

"Come on Harry. I told you I'd help you out. Let's go sit down." Draco shifted his weight so that he was slightly facing the Hall, obviously meaning for Harry to take his hand and follow him down from the dais. Harry's face lit up. Standing, he walked over to his Housemate, and took Draco's hand. Together, they walked down the stairs and across to the empty places at the end of Slytherin table.

Draco sat beside Crabbe, and Harry sat between Draco and Goyle, snugly fitted among allies. Feeling more secure, Harry looked around at his fellow House members. The rest of the Hall was still silent, holding its breath for the next move. Many of the Slytherins didn't seem at all happy that Harry was seated amongst them, but several looked at him with interest.

As Harry continued to look around, the buzz of malicious whispers started again. Harry glanced out at the rest of the Hall, bemused. What had he done wrong? Surely they didn't all think like Ron Weasley did?

After a few more awkward moments, Professor McGonagall cleared her throat, looked steadily around the Hall, and called out the next name on her scroll.

As they waited through the rest of the Sorting and Headmaster Dumbledore's speech, Harry whispered to Draco:

"What did I do wrong? Why are they all staring?"

"They all probably think you're aiming to be the next Dark Lord, or some such tosh. Don't worry about it Harry. They'll get over themselves eventually." Draco told him, giving a few menacing glares of his own out to people in the vicinity. Harry shook his head. Wasn't Hogwarts supposed to be where he could find his place?


"First years, this way! First years please follow me!" Prefects all over the Hall called, pushing through the crowd to get to the new students. The new Slytherins banded together, all trying to look like they weren't in need of a group, making their way through the Ravenclaws and Slytherins to where their Prefects waited. As they approached, the fifth year boy nodded sharply and beckoned for them to follow.

The push through the massive doorway to the Great Hall caused quite a holdup, everyone wanting to get out first. Several Gryffindors pushed and shouted at Harry when they saw him, though their insults were lost in the roar of hundreds of talking people. When they finally made it through to the cool dark passageways leading to Slytherin House, Harry was relieved. His ears were ringing, and the dark silence was a huge help.

"Where are we?" he asked Draco as they passed several dark doorways.

"Hogwarts dungeons. Don't worry, they aren't used for anything by classes and storage anymore." Draco on quickly, seeing Harry blanch at the word.

"Our Common Room is down here, and our Head of House stays down here, as well as teaches class in the old dungeon rooms." Draco continued, looking into open doorways as they passed. Harry shuddered, and kept his eyes focused ahead.

The group halted in front of a smooth expanse of dark stone.

"Nox Aeterna," the prefect said clearly, and the stone melted away to reveal a massive room beyond.

"Woah," Harry breathed, craning his neck to get a glimpse of the roof above. There were large, carved stone columns leading up to a vaulted ceiling, making the room seem forbidding and cold. Large leather couches and plush chairs dotted the room, centered on the two fireplaces. The far corner, near a glass wall revealing dark watery depths (Harry caught himself staring, trying to see if he could spot the Giant Squid somewhere beyond), was set up as a study area, with dark polished wood tables and chairs. The carpet under their feet wove green and silver bands together, and small snakes coiled around the border near the walls.

"This is your Common Room, first years. You relax here during your free time, you study here, and you learn to be a good representation of our House here. The boys' and girls' dormitories are clearly marked. Your things have already been brought in."

"Come on, Harry, let's go find our stuff and get the good spots," Draco muttered, shoving Harry in front of him as the Prefect drifted off to chat with his friends.


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