Losing Your Memory (Yet ANOTHER Damon Salvatore Love Story, read intro)

okay so don't worry about Playing With Fire, i'm still gonna finish it. but this one has been on my mind FOREVER and i just wanted to write it. comment, rate, enjoy!

Character Info
Name: Born Nikolina Galina Angelova (1490), in 1864 she was known as Nikole Angel and in present day she's known as Nikole or Nikki Smith
Age: Technically 521 but she was turned into a vampire when she was 17.
Description: Long, curly brown hair and brown eyes, 5'6", very thin.

Chapter 3


Mystic Falls, 1864
"What happened? Where am i? What's going on?" Ugh. Damon's just woken up to find he's been lugged to a cabin out in the woods and tied up to the bed.
"I'm sorry. I couldn't have you running around screaming "vampire!" all through the town." i say apologetically.
"You bit me." i nod.
"I couldn't find another way to tell you, you wouldn't believe me. And for that, i also apologize. Now you see why we can't be together. I'm not good for you, Damon. I'm a monster."
"I don't care what you are. It doesn't change the way I feel about you."
"Why do you have to be so stubborn? You and I will NEVER happen! Don't you see I'll have to leave here?"
"Then turn me, Nikole, and we can be together forever." He says, sitting up. As tempting as the idea of an eternity with Damon is, I can't accept his offer. He'd just slow me down.
"Being a vampire isn't as fun as you think it is. Everything you feel is magnified-"
"Great, then I'll love you more." He unties himself and walks towards me.
"Damon, please-"
"No. I've heard enough of that nonsense."
"Damon," I plead, "Stop it." I feel a tear dripping down from my eye.
"No, you stop it. Stop pretending that we don't have something here. Stop pretending you don't feel anything for me. Because you're lying to me, and you're lying to yourself."
"Nikole." He presses his lips against my forehead. "I love you."
"I love you too." I've never thought about it, but the moment I say it I know it's true.
"Then what's the problem?"
"I have to leave soon."
"I'll come with you. Think about it. We could spend an eternity together, just me and you. All you have to do is turn me."
"Damon, you don't want this-"
"I want you. Isn't that enough?" I smile as he holds my hands.
"I'll consider it." He leans forwards and kisses my lips. Reflexively I start to pull away, but Damon pulls me closer and I give in, wrapping my arms around his neck. That's when I notice the open wound on his neck from when I bit him earlier. It's still bleeding. There's blood on the bed and on his clothes, and now on my arm. I instinctively lick the blood off of my arm and go for Damon’s neck, licking around the wound. I feel my eyes going dark and my fangs starting to come down and I push Damon away, hiding my face.
"I can't do this." I say. "I'll hurt you."
"It's okay. I don't mind." He says.
"It's not okay. This is why it will never work, Damon! I can't keep hurting you. I could lose control-I could kill you!"
"But you won't. I know you won't. I trust you-I love you." He offers his wrist to me.
"No." I pull his arm closer to me but instead of biting him I pull his other arm too and kiss his nose.
"Not on your life." I whisper.

Present Day
"So, for 500 years, you knew that Katherine was your birth mother, and for the hundred and forty some years we've been friends this totally escaped your mind!?" Lina freaks.
"I don't like talking about it. Besides, we have a party to go to, don't we?" she rolls her eyes.
"You're totally changing the subject."
"Do you want to meet cute guys or not?" Lina smiles.
"Fine, let's go."

"Nikki. Lina. Hi." Stefan answers the door, and it seems like he's surprised to see me.

"Hey." Lina says. We hear music playing in the background and see people dancing and drinking.
"Come in." Stefan says, motioning for us to come in. Lina and I follow Stefan into the Salvatore's living room, where Lina spots a guy she likes and ditches us.
"Just to let you know-"Stefan lowers his voice-"Damon's here."
"Technically, it is his house. Anyways, I haven't told him anything. I'm not sure he even remembers you-you did take away his memory, didn't you?"
"Yeah, but when you become a vampire doesn't compulsion wear off?"
"He'd need something to trigger his memory, so try to stay away from him unless you want to die. He's reckless and impulsive-"
"I know all about Damon, trust me. And I'll stay away-I wasn't planning on talking to him anyways. When I came here with Lina, I came for a fresh start. I thought you two were dead-though I should have expected this, since Katherine was here-"
"Wait, how do you know about Katherine?" Stefan asks, confused.
"Stefan, I'm 521 years old, I know about everyone."
"So...you know about the originals?"
"Who do you think turned me?" Elena sees us talking and interrupts our conversation.
"Hey Nikki. Having fun?"
"Yeah, actually-"
"Would you like me to get you a drink? C'mon Stefan, let's go get Nikki a drink." Elena drags Stefan away from me. I wonder what her problem is.
"Well hello there." Damon's beautiful voice makes me freeze in place, and when he taps me on the shoulder I go numb.
"Hello yourself." I finally collect myself and turn around, but seeing his greenish-grayish eyes doesn't make me any more confident that I won't forget my own name and screw up everything.
"Ooh, spunk. I like it."
"Do I know you?"
"I'm Stefan's older-and handsomer-brother."
"Oh. Well, nice meeting you." I start to walk away, but Damon stops me.
"Do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar."
"It's a small town, Damon. I've been here two days and half of the people here already look familiar to me."
"It's just...you just moved here, right? From New York?"
"Oh. Never mind then, you just look like someone i used to be friends with." Phew. Close one.
"What happened to her?"
"What makes you think something happened to her?"
"Well, you said "used to be"."
"Thing is, i don't really remember. It's like...i remember what she looked like and the fact that we were friends and some of the stuff we did together. She lived in that town for a month, and then just disappeared one night. No one knows what happened."
"Oh. I'm so sorry." That was the truth. Sort of. I was sorry, but not for what he thought i was.
"Life goes on. I see your friend is having fun." He points at Lina, who's currently making out with some guy i've never even met. I roll my eyes.
"That's Lina Carter for you. Goody-goody by day, slut by night." He laughs, and i can't help but laugh with him.
"So, what's your reason for moving to this boring little town? Parents got a job?"
"No, actually. It's a pretty complicated story, actually. First, when i was seventeen i found out that i was adopted, then i found out my biological father was dead and my birth mom was sent away because of my existence, and then my adoptive parents disowned me and now i'm here."
"Why would they disown you?"
"My indiscretions were not tolerated in a family of such high class." i say, mocking my mother's voice.
"What did you do?"
"What makes you think you have the right to know?"
"I'm Damon Salvatore! "
"I'm Damon Salvatore, i'm so cool." i say, mimicking Damon.
"That's not what my voice sounds like."
"I know. That's my "typical guy" voice." He rolls his eyes.
"Why choose Mystic Falls, out of all the places you could go?" He asks.
"I don't know, I guess I just like all of the history surrounding it." That's also partly true. I like my history with Damon in Mystic Falls. Not so much everything else, especially the fact that all of the vampires there were burned in a church, that part upsets me.
"Oh, you mean the vampires?" Damon raises his eyebrow and flashes a cocky smile.
"No, i mean the stories people made up to help cope with the war."
"So the vampires." i sigh.
"Yes, Damon, the vampires." i say, rolling my eyes.
"You know what?"
"I like you." he comes closer to me and touches my arm. I look over and see Stefan giving Damon a death glare.
"Looks like your brother doesn't approve." I say, smiling.
"Since when do I care if Stefan approves or not?"
"I wouldn't know, I just moved here remember? I don't know you." He smiles.
"Would you like to know me?" I smile back.
"We'll see." I can't believe it. Am i actually flirting with Damon? Should I be? Do I even have that right?
"Well, there is the Founder's Ball this Saturday. It's really just a party celebrating how many years it's been since Mystic Falls was founded. Since technically the original Salvatore brothers were part of the founding family, i'm pretty sure i'm invited. Would you be my date?" I think about it. Is it worth it?
"I'd like that." i say. Nikolina Galina Angelova! Have you lost your freaking mind? Yes. Yes, I have.
"Great. See you there then."
"Yeah." Lina runs over to me and pulls on my arm.
"Nikki! Wanna introduce me to your new friend?" she asks, giving me the "i know you like him" smile.
"Yeah, um, Lina this is Damon, Damon, this is my best friend Lina." I say. Lina smiles awkwardly.
"Nice to meet you, Damon. Could you excuse us for a second? I have to talk to Nikki-it's kind of important."
"Of course." Damon says. Lina pulls me into the other room.
"Have you completely-"
"Sh, Lina!" i snap, covering her mouth and pointing to my ear.
"Later." Lina nods in agreement.

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