Losing Your Memory (Yet ANOTHER Damon Salvatore Love Story, read intro)

okay so don't worry about Playing With Fire, i'm still gonna finish it. but this one has been on my mind FOREVER and i just wanted to write it. comment, rate, enjoy!

Character Info
Name: Born Nikolina Galina Angelova (1490), in 1864 she was known as Nikole Angel and in present day she's known as Nikole or Nikki Smith
Age: Technically 521 but she was turned into a vampire when she was 17.
Description: Long, curly brown hair and brown eyes, 5'6", very thin.

Chapter 2

The Truth.

"How was your day?" Lina asks, skipping around in the kitchen.
"Well, i found out that my ex-boyfriend from 1864 and his brother are vampires and there's a girl that looks EXACTLY like Katherine at our school. How do you think my day went?" I give Lina my death stare.
"Oh yeah. I saw that girl. Elena, right? And her boyfriend, Stefan. They actually invited me to a party at the Mystic Grill tonight. We should go, it sounds fun!"
"A party? With Stefan? Did he say anything about his brother being there?"
"Well, no."
"Then we'll go." i smile.
"What's wrong with his brother? What happened between you two? You never talk about it."
"That's 'cause there's nothing much to talk about. We were in love. Then we weren't. End of story."
"But what happened?"
"Katherine happened." i grumble.
"But you said you left weeks before Katherine was even in Mystic Falls."
"I did. It's a long story."
"Tell me about it."

Flashback, Mystic Falls 1864
knock knock knock. I jump, causing the earring i was trying to put in to fall to the ground.
"Nikole?" Phew. Only Damon.
"Yes, Damon?" He opens my door.
"Marissa Addison is holding a coming-of-age ball this evening-it's her fifteenth birthday. She's one of Stefan's friends, but she said that any family could come and a family friend if we wanted. Nikole, could i be your escort to the ball?" he asks nervously. I smile.
"Of course, Mr. Salvatore." I smile.
"Miss Angel?" Damon spins around to see Gavin Tyler, a vampire i'd befriended in the 1700s standing in my doorway.
"Yes, Gavin?" i ask.
"May i have a word with you? Alone?" he turns to Damon.
"Of course, sir." Damon nods politely leaves as Gavin enters, shutting my bedroom door behind him.
"I've had word on Katherine Pierce. She's planning on coming here in only a month or two." i frown.
"Gavin, please tell me your psychic is wrong and i can stay here longer!"
"Nikole, i know you like it here, but until you are ready to face the truth-"
"I'm not. I can't. I just...I'd like to spend more time with...Damon Salvatore."
"You promised you wouldn't get emotionally involved with anyone." Gavin says sternly, judging me with his silvery eyes.
"And i won't."
"You're saying you don't care for him? Not even slightly?"
"My feelings are none of your business." i snap. "Now if you'll excuse me, i have a ball to attend." I push past Gavin angrily and head downstairs.

"Nikole, you look...beautiful." Damon says as i arrive at the Addison Residence.
"Why thank you. You look rather handsome yourself." i smile.
"Thank you. Would you care to dance?" He asks.
"Why not. I see your brother is enjoying himself." i point to Stefan, who's dancing happily with Marissa's older sister. Damon takes my hand and we begin to dance. We dance longer than everyone else; until late in the night when the only people left are Marissa's parents and the founding families.
"We should get going. My father is waiting."
"Why? We are having fun, are we not?"
"Well yes, but-"
"Ah ah ah-No buts Mr. Salvatore. Just dancing." i say flirtatiously.
"But Nikole-"
"What did i say about buts?"
"No buts. Right."
"Damon. Nikole. I've been looking for you two." I turn around as soon as i hear Giuseppe's voice.
"My apologies, Mr. Salvatore." i say. "I got carried away, Damon had nothing to do with it."
"It's alright, Nikole, there's no need to apologize." Giuseppe says, then turning to Damon. "You, on the other hand, i would like to have a talk with."
"Of course, father." Damon nods, walking towards his father.
"Nikole, your carriage awaits you." Giuseppe says, motioning towards the door.
"Thank you, Mr. Salvatore."

"Nikole? Are you in there?" i hear Damon ask from behind my door.
"Damon?" i open my door.
"I just wanted to talk to you for a moment."
"Of course, Damon." he comes into my room and closes the door. "I just want you to know that i had a really great time tonight. You're really wonderful." He kisses my cheek. "This past week with you has been...beyond comparison to any other time in my life. Nikole, I think i may be falling in love with you." I'm taken aback as Damon leans forward and kisses me.
"Damon, stop." I say. "I can't-we can't- i'm not good for you, Damon." i push him off of me.
"What are you saying? Of course you are, Nikole! I love you!"
"No Damon, you don't. You can't."
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing, just-we can't be together."
"Why not? You're the one who's been convincing me that the rules don't matter!"
"And i apologize for that. You don't understand, Damon. I can't be with you. I'm not who you think i am."
"Yes you are! You're Nikole Angel and i'm in love with you!" Now i'm mad and can't hold back anymore. My fangs come down and my eyes turn black, and without even thinking i sink my teeth into Damon's throat.

Present Day
"So that's it? You broke up because he loved you and you bit him? What does that have to do with Katherine?"
"Nothing. You didn't ask for that story."
"Well now i'm asking for it. What does anything have to do with Katherine?"
"Remember when i told you that my supposed parents disowned me right after i found out i was adopted?"
"Well, a little while later i was in town when i heard people talking about my daughter Thalia. They said something about the last girl who'd had a child out of wedlock and how she was disowned and sent to England two years after they gave away the baby. Seventeen years before. So i packed my bags and headed to England, where i met a man named Klaus, who i later found out was a vampire who wanted to use me as a replacement in a sadistic sacrifice ritual. He thought that maybe instead of sacrificing the doppelganger he needed that was now unavailable to him he could sacrifice that doppelganger's human daughter. Unfortunately, it didn't work and he ended up turning me. And then i ran."
"You still haven't told me what this has to do with Katherine-wait, you don't think Katherine's your birth mother, do you?" Lina's confused now.
"No, Lina. I know."

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