Losing Your Memory (Yet ANOTHER Damon Salvatore Love Story, read intro)

okay so don't worry about Playing With Fire, i'm still gonna finish it. but this one has been on my mind FOREVER and i just wanted to write it. comment, rate, enjoy!

Character Info
Name: Born Nikolina Galina Angelova (1490), in 1864 she was known as Nikole Angel and in present day she's known as Nikole or Nikki Smith
Age: Technically 521 but she was turned into a vampire when she was 17.
Description: Long, curly brown hair and brown eyes, 5'6", very thin.

Chapter 1

The Past.

Flashback, Bulgaria 1507
"What do you mean, i'm adopted?"
"Nikolina, please. WE have to talk about this sweetheart!"
"Ne! You are not my mother! we have nothing to discuss!" I turn to my two year old daughter, Thalia. Her blue eyes shine in the sunlight.
"Come on sweetheart, we have to go!"
"Nikolina Galina Angelova, you may leave this house, but you may not bring her with you. Her existence is shameful enough, you have already disgraced this family. I should have given her away and disowned you when i had the chance. But ne, i decided to stand by you because this was not your fault. I ignored what everyone in town said about you, but i've had enough! You're right about me not being your mother. I no longer want to be your mother."
"Good. You never were."

Present Day
"Nikki, time for school! You wouldn't want to be late!" Lina exclaims, jumping up and down on my bed.
"Geez, Lina. You'd think for a vampire you'd be less...you." she laughs. Lina Carter has been my best friend since the 1870's.
"But seriously, i''m excited! We haven't been to high school since the 60s! It'll be so fun, especially taking history class." i roll my eyes.
"Lina, only you would find history class amusing."
"Only 'cause we've lived through it all!"
"Correction, Lina. I've lived through it all. Becoming a vampire in 1871 saved your life. Besides, you never even lived-no pun intended-until i met you." Lina shrugs.
"Whatever, stop talking and GET UP!!!!!" i roll my eyes and get up, tackling Lina to the ground before i go and get dressed.

"Would you like some scones, Miss Smith?" asks Greta the old maid, carrying a tray of hot scones out of the oven.
"No thank you, Greta. You know, it's a nice day. Why don't you go see your family?"I ask.
"Because you told me to stay."
"But now i'm telling you to go. But make sure you're back before dark, you got that?" I compel her.
"Yes, Miss Smith." Greta puts the plate of scones on the table and leaves abruptly.
"Great, Nikki. Now we have a plate of scones to get rid of. What were you thinking, anyways?" Lina asks, braiding her blonde hair as she walks down the stairs.
"I don't know, being back in Mystic Falls just makes me feel good, you know?" i smile and take a deep breath of the cool, Virginia air.
"No, i don't know. Why did you even want to come here? I liked L.A. much better, by the way." I roll my eyes.
"Yeah, California's nice, but I kind of like small towns. The whole feel of it all, I mean the elderly people in this town all went to high school together, and so did their parents, and their parents, and everyone knows everyone... It's just nice."
"Sure. Nice is totally the word to describe it." Lina rolls her eyes and walks past me and out the door.

"Excuse me, but do I know you?"
"Huh? What?" i blink my eyes. She can't be! i think. I mean, she looks like Katherine. She sounds like Katherine. But she's human, so she can't possibly be Katherine.
"You were staring at me."
"Oh. Sorry, i just thought-nevermind. You just look like someone i know."
"Oh. Well, i'm Elena. And you are?" Elena smiles.
"Nikki, Nikki Smith. I'm new here." I shake Elena's hand.A boy who looks like Stefan comes towards Elena. Man, what is it with my brain today!? First a Katherine lookalike, and now a Stefan one? Unless...No. He can't be! Stefan Salvatore as a vampire? It just isn't possible.
"Elena! I've been looking all over-" The boy who may or may not be Stefan freezes.
"Stefan?" I ask.
"Whoa-How do you know each other. Wait, is she a-"
"Mmhm." Stefan says.
"Wow, Stefan. You've really...changed. You look good now. Not that you didn't always, but WOW!" Stefan laughs.
"Same old Nikole. I remember the first day i met you." Stefan says. I smile.
"You were such a gentleman. Leading me up to my room so your brother couldn't annoy me any longer. Speaking of Damon, you can't tell him who i am. Or even that i exist." my mood changes immediately from ecstatic to worried. I can't let Damon remember me. It's just too risky. Stefan nods.
"I understand. It's for the best."

Flashback, Mystic Falls, 1864
"Boys, i'd like you to meet Nikole Angel. She's visiting from Louisiana, and her parents couldn't afford to take care of her after her brother left to serve our country. She'll be staying with us for awhile while things get settled with her family." Giuseppe says. His two sons, Stefan and Damon, nod their heads.
"Hello, Miss Angel." Damon says, lifting my hand elegantly and kissing it softly. My cheeks turn red.
"It's okay, you don't have to call me "Miss Angel." You can call me Nikole if you want." Damon smiles.
"But why? I mean, you sure look like an angel."
"That's enough, Damon! You're being rude!" Giuseppe snaps.
"It's okay, Mr. Salvatore. I don't mind." i say. I look down and notice that Damon's still holding my hand. As soon as he notices my gaze he pulls away.
"I apologize, Miss-i mean, Nikole."
"No need to apologize." i chortle.
"Stefan, why don't you escort Nikole to the guest room?" Giuseppe says, pulling Damon away from me.
"Right this way, Nikole." Stefan says, taking me by the hand and leading me upstairs.
"I apologize in advance for any problems my brother will cause." He says.
"Problems? He seemed nice." i ask, confused.
"Just...i'd try not to get to close to him. I wouldn't want you to get hurt. Damon has his own way of living life-sometimes his version of what's right isn't always as right as he thinks."
"Sometimes it's better to live life outside the lines, don't you think?" i ask.
"I suppose, to a reasonable extent."
"Why think about what's reasonable? Why not just do whatever you feel, and live in the moment?"
"I don't know-"
"If you don't know, then you can't live, Stefan. That's just the way the world works."

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