For every girl on this earth (and bros, read the introduction!)

I'm not much of a writer, much less a poet :P but I wrote this for one of my best friends (not tellin her name!) and honestly, this is for every girl. I'm a dude, and I know NOTHING that goes through a female's mind, but I do know most of you struggle with insecurities... that just hurts my heart :[
girls: read this and own it. this is the truth I want you to know.
guys: you can repost this if you want to let women know you care.

Chapter 1

You're beautiful by Jay S. (Bury_My_Heart)

by: _2D_
behind the makeup, you have beautiful eyes
take off the concealer mask
your face is radiant either way

you may sport metal braces
but your smile is absolutely priceless

don't wear those short skirts
those skimpy tank tops
your beauty is not mine to see

you're not overweight
you're truly perfect
so don't you dare not finish that cookie!
you deserve only the sweetest

stop caring what others think
and don't beat yourself up
if anyone so much as looks at you funny
I'LL be doing some beating up

You're worth more than you know
You're as beautiful as the stars
I hope you know it's true
so stop giving yourself scars


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