From Greece to Hogwarts (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

" Mou " is a frequently used word in this story, it's Greek, it means "mine" or "love". It's used to show how much you love someone. It's used attatched to a name.

Name- Cassandra Xidias

Age- 15 ( At beginning of story)

Status- Pureblood (but treats everyone equally)

Siblings- Younger sister- Ekaterina, 6 & older brother, Lalo, who died when he was 18

Chapter 3

What a Nice Meet and Greet

When I woke up the next day my schedule was taped to my headboard and all my things were neatly placed in cabinets or my trunk. It must've been at least 6:30 and classes didn't start until 8:00am. There were two other girls in my room. One had crazy, curly hair kind of like mine and the other wore braids and had a thin smile. The girl with the hair like mine stirred and then sat straight up.
"DURO!" She shouted and the water glass on her night stand turned hard. I let out a small scream and then covered my mouth with me hands. Now, both girls were wide awake and staring.
"Bloody hell! What was that?!" the girl with braids said as she took her sleeping mask with two beady eyes on it off.
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! She just- scared me thats all" I said quickly.
"Ohhhh Moine'! You scared her!" the girl with braids said.
"Oh sorry! I've just done so much studying that I do it in my sleep, I'm Hermoine by the way" the girl with crazy hair said. She smiled and lauged a little.
"Names Lavender, Lavender Brown" the girl with braids said with a cheezy look. They both had English accents.
"I'm Cassandra, I'm from Greece" I said proudly. Greeks take very much pride in that fact.
"Greece?" said Lavender confused.
"Yes Greece you ninny." Hermoine said with a laugh. "So you went to Prokepos? That's amazing, I heard you have GREAT test scores."
"Uhm, yes, that's us" I said proudly but I blushed too.
"Well get dressed! We've got to show you around!" Lavender squealed as Hermoine rolled her eyes. While Lavender was getting ready Hermoine came over and whispered "Don't worry too much about her, she's a silly git. Ridiculous actually." I giggled and she smiled back. We both got ready and they took me to the common room to meet everyone and eat breakfast.
"ALRIGHT EVERYONE!" Lavender shouted as she stood on top of a table where two boys were eating.
"THIS HERE IS CASSAN-, wait do you have a nickname?" she asked.
"Uh," Almost everyone was staring at me. "Cassie." I managed to spit out.
Right off the bat two boys came up and shook my hand. One had dark hair and a scar on his fore head, his name was Harry Potter, the other had red hair and was named Ron Weasley. I had heard of "Harry and The Great Potter" story but didn't say anything in case he would be embarassed. Then a bunch of random people came up and introduced themselves. I only remembered a few though, Neville Longbottom (a boy I would have never guessed to be in Gryfinndor, Oliver Wood ( a good-looking boy who I chatted with for a while and head of the Quidditch team), Katie Bell ( a very nice girl ), Parvati Patil (someone who is also foreign YAY!), and Seamus Finnigan ( a very excited boy with a heavy accent). After meeting everybody I had a small breakfast with Hermoine, Harry, and Ron.
It was time to go to classes and I was SO ready. I had Potions first. Since none of my new friends had it with me I said I would be fine finding it by myself. I really was too, I felt confident. I was about 10 feet away from the door of Potions when I noticed a boy with blonde, slick-backed hair and a wicked smile on his face leaning against the other side of the hall.

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