From Greece to Hogwarts (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

" Mou " is a frequently used word in this story, it's Greek, it means "mine" or "love". It's used to show how much you love someone. It's used attatched to a name.

Name- Cassandra Xidias

Age- 15 ( At beginning of story)

Status- Pureblood (but treats everyone equally)

Siblings- Younger sister- Ekaterina, 6 & older brother, Lalo, who died when he was 18

Chapter 2

The Sorting Hat

"Order! Order!" Dumbledore called. None if the teachers were yelling or anything, just chatting. I envied Dumbledore's ability to do that and I just met him.

"Alright, Cassandra I'll introduce you to the staff, Hagrid you may leave, thank you" said Dumbledore. Hagrid gave me a wink and then left.

"Where to start..hmm...aha..Professor Binns, history of magic, Professor Snape, potions, Mr. Flitwick, your charms teacher, Professor Kettleburn, C.O.M.C., Mr. Lupin, your D.A.D.A. teacher, Professor McGonnagal, transfiguration, Professor Sinestra, astronomy, and OH Professor Sprout couldn't make it, but she's the herbology teacher. " Dumbledore rushed. A simply "OK" is all I managed to cough out. I only picked up 3 of the teachers names and was starting to really freak out.
"I'M HERE I'M HERE I'M HERE I'M HERE!!!" A pudgy, grey haired, lady squealed as she walked in and sat at an empty place at the desk. Snape rolled his eyes and hissed, I had heard about him too.
"Great, now we can begin the Sort." smiled Professor Dumbledore.
"As you may know we have four houses and four house heads." I nodded. " The head of Hufflepuff is Professor Sprout, the head of Gryfinndor is Professor McGonnagal." They both smiled and waved. "The head of Ravenclaw is Professor Flitwick over there, and head of Slytherin is Professor Snape" I smiled but only Prof. Flitwick showed any emotion back.
"Now for the Hat, I understand they do it differently in Greece, that's quite interesting." Prof. Dumbledore said through a smile. I blushed. Prof. McGonnagal left for a minute and then came back to the room with the hat in her hand. With a snap of her fingers, a chair appeared in front of the desk of teachers and she motioned me to sit there. I walked over and took a seat. She placed the hat on my head.
"Ooooh, well what do we have here? Foreign, ehh?" the Hat said mockingly. I had to contain myself from shaking.
"Mmm, smart like Ravenclaw...cunning like Slytherin...brave as a Gryfinndor...but then again, loyal as a Hufflepuff..In which house shall you make friends? Friends that will last you till' the end?..GRYINNDOR!" it suddenly shouted, all the teachers applauded and Prof. McGonnogal smiled a wide smile.
"Very well, congrats, Prof. McGonnogal please get Cassandra situated" Dumbledore said through a thin smile. I stepped off the chair and my head mistress walked over to me.
"Good job" she said with a wink and the next thing I knew I was asleep in my dorm.

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