From Greece to Hogwarts (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

" Mou " is a frequently used word in this story, it's Greek, it means "mine" or "love". It's used to show how much you love someone. It's used attatched to a name.

Name- Cassandra Xidias

Age- 15 ( At beginning of story)

Status- Pureblood (but treats everyone equally)

Siblings- Younger sister- Ekaterina, 6 & older brother, Lalo, who died when he was 18

Chapter 1

Leaving An Already New Home

"You'll be fine Cassandra Mou, quit worrying," My Mother said in her soft, smooth voice, while waiting with me for my train at Platform 9 3/4. My father had been transferred from the Ministry of Magic in Greece to the Ministry of Magic in Scotland. Which means I have to go to Hogwarts. We are originally from the island of Santorini in Greece. Of course, my Dad was working so he wasn't here to see me go.

"Mama, what if they don't accept me?" I said whining. I spoke English just fine but I still had a light accent. I was curvier than most girls, but that was just a Greek thing, I also have brown curly hair and icy blue eyes. Not the most normal looking girl. I had done some research on Hogwarts and it didn't seem much different from Prokepos, the wizarding school back home. Prokepos had four different houses just like Hogwarts, Manatris (the most Hufflepuff-like house), Galatori (the most Gryfinndor-like house), Nazisiti (the most Slytherin-like house), and Pathneyta (the most Ravenclaw-like house). I was in Galatori, and was wondering if that meant I would get into Gryfinndor. My parents had arranged a meeting with Professor Dumbledore and he said they would sort me privately so I could just easily fit in. That's where Hogwarts was different, they relied on a hat, and in Prokepos, there was an exam and a whole meeting of professors. The exam was more personality than academic though. Still, I was nervous.

"You'll be fine, just go, I'll see you on breaks. You're going to miss your train, go now." Mama said quietly, I knew that as soon as I turned around she would break down crying so I had to hold my ground. I gave her a long hug and she gently kissed my forehead.

"I love you Cassie Mou" she whispered and I walked onto the train. A big, burly man with a huge, un-groomed beard had taken my luggage and told me to pick it up when I got off. I walked through the train and found an empty cabin and sat. I was so tired and nervous, I thought I'd puke. I leaned my forehead against the cold glass and fell asleep.
When I woke up, I quickly put on Hogwarts robes that I had in my bag I was carrying and got off the train. I looked around, heck, I didn't even know WHAT exactly I was looking for. Then I spotted the big man who had put my luggage away holding a sign that read, "Cassandra Xidis". My last name was spelled wrong but it didn't bother me. I quickly paced over and followed him to a boat, the boat was already filled with my belongings. He helped me get in and then got in himself.

"Names Hagrid, by the way." He said in a husky voice. Apparently, he was the groundskeeper at Hogwarts and hopefully, the soon-to-be Care of Magical Creatures teacher. I told him my name and my whole story and he gave me a caring smile.

"Ouch kid, you'll be fine though, I suggest you make friends with Harry Potter and his gang. He's a good kid. But stay away from Draco Malfoy, rotten that boy is...OH and don't tell anyone I'm telling ya this kind o' information, they'd hang my dead." He said and I laughed a little but swore I wouldn't tell anyone.

"Well, here we are, Hogwarts Wizarding School, I'll take ya to Dumbledore's office."

We walked through the huge halls of Hogwarts. I wondered how I was going to maneuver my way around. Before I knew it, we were standing in a huge office filled with wizard objects. I looked around, astonished. I've heard amazing things about Albus Dumbledore. My old schools' head principal had been quite close with him and always told me stories about when they used to "hang" and what a great man and wizard he has become. With a quick flash of Hagrid's wand, the room transformed into a courtroom, with seven teachers and Professor Dumbledore sitting behind a giant, ornate desk. They all looked at me, some happy faces and some I-could-care-less faces. I started to breath heavily and my palms started to sweat.
"Here we go.." I whispered to myself.

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