Chapter 1


I've been crying for the past fifeteen minutes.
I am so touched! You guys all really like my stories? I'm mainly talking about How I Became A StarKid.
I know Stormy (SK_SavedMyLife) tweeted a link to Team StarKid themselves! If you have a twitter, I think you should retweet it! Her Twitter name is: AttackxStormy if you want to do that.
If you don't want to retweet, or want to send it to individual StarKids, go for it!
I don't have a twitter, but I would appreciate if my dream came true and someone tweeted a link to Walker;)
Yes, a legit dream. The whole sequence consisted of me getting tweets from @FunkWalk about it saying "OhmyGod! I want to meet this Geena!" and "Wow, we're cool in Geena's mind!" XD
But seriously, if someone could tweet it to Brian Holden or Meredith Stepien or Darren Criss or Joe Walker, I would be the happiest girl on earth.
Plus, if they read it....they could think about the Princess Bride as a potential musical and it would make me super happy.
And, who knows?! Maybe they'll let me hang out with them one day and I can write about how each and every single of them really are and I can give notes to them if it happens!
Thank you all so much for that!

Now, the legit thank you.

I am so touched. I have never felt this...important. Thank you all for reading every freaking silly thing that spews from my brain. I don't know why you think it's so good. I must have pulled some great magic trick with smoke and mirrors and used my wand an awful lot.
I really feel amazing when you guys comment and tell me how the stories make you feel and make you cry or happy or how you look forward to the next chapter.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart. (I orginally typed that as 'hearts', so I guess I'm a Time Lord... Bonus points to the people who get that.)

One last little thing...
Darren, when singing Teenage Dream, changed the lyrics to "you guys make me feel like I'm livin' like a teenage dream".
I've found that I cannot agree more.

You guys are my teenage dream, Geena

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