R.J.'s Quibblo User of the month award!

Chapter 1

Overview- do you think this is a good idea?

well, this is a new thought I just had to give back to the users of quibblo. A lot of you know about the 'featured member' thing here, and this is similar to that, but just a bit different. I'm going to choose one of my friends every month as 'R.J.'s Quibblo User of the month' and give a description and a link to their profile so you guys can check them out.

I will choose the user based on two things: either if they made me smile, and really got to me at one point during that month, whether it have been in a message, story, comment, or even just a quiz.
The other thing is nominations from others. You can't nominate yourself, but you can leave a comment down below on who you think should be the next month's Featured person. It can be someone that's not my friend already, just leave a link and I'll check out their profile! ^_^
I won't choose the same person twice to make things fair.

I honestly am not sure why I'm doing this, I guess I just thought it would be nice. :) So, do you think this is a good idea? leave me a comment saying yes or no, and some suggestions for people to choose. Thanks!


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