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Heya anyone who's actually reading this. If you are reading this, congratulations!
You have managed to see a link and click on it. Unfortunately, the link turned out to be a link to spam, so your computer has viewed this page. But, if you are (amazingly) still reading this, congratulations once again - you must have special powers which allow you to master my weirdness and that thing that comes with it which I call 'a sense of humour', so you should be able to tolerate what is coming next.

Chapter 4

Bonus quote!

Time to introduce 2 new girls, B, who is my on/off best friend, and E who is one of my friends.
We were on school camp, and we were taking it in turns to tell stories. I was telling one, this is part of mine. In this point at my story, a girl has found her husband's piece of paper planning a murder. She's reading it out.

M: "Location: The car park in a fancy restraunt, the Old Albatross Egg.
E: (teasing) So what, there's a car park inside a restraunt? So you could just drive in and order your food?
All in tent except M: (laughing)
M: (struggling to talk over laughter) No, no, OUTSIDE a restraunt.
B: Is this set near Lidl's? [this is a shop, if you don't know] Because whenever I picture this in my head, I think of Lidl's.
E: Oh yeah, Lidl's, that's REALLY a fancy restraunt.

OK, more of a conversation than a quote, but still, it's funny.
E and her brother have the same sort of sarcasm.
That was a RAnDom fact!
I like spelling RAnDom like RAnDom! LOL!
... I think I'll finish talking now...

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