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Heya anyone who's actually reading this. If you are reading this, congratulations!
You have managed to see a link and click on it. Unfortunately, the link turned out to be a link to spam, so your computer has viewed this page. But, if you are (amazingly) still reading this, congratulations once again - you must have special powers which allow you to master my weirdness and that thing that comes with it which I call 'a sense of humour', so you should be able to tolerate what is coming next.

Chapter 3

Sorry it took so long

Right, I've decided to change how I do things on this. It doesn't have to be a quote from the day I write it up on here, but it has to be funny (duh! [LOL family joke]) and by the way please send any funny quotes you want to appear in here to me! Thanks!

OK, sorry it took so long, and sorry if it isn't funny, but T and H (both mentioned in the previous chapter) cracked up when I said this.
This was some time ago, when we had to walk through our town and map out buildings, e.g. house, vacant, off license, etc.
We were walking past a photography shop. In the window, there was a picture of a woman, naked, lying down, with her arms barely crossed over her b00bs, you couldn't see past her waist. Anyway...

M: Can they legally show that in a shop window?
T and H: (laughing their heads off [not literally though. I wouldn't want to go to court for murder! Hm, imagine that. "You are charged with murderous humour." I'm weird =p])

Weird, this quote seems to have a lot about legal stuff in it.
By the way, I will also post Chapter 4 today, to make up for this quote taking so long.

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