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Heya anyone who's actually reading this. If you are reading this, congratulations!
You have managed to see a link and click on it. Unfortunately, the link turned out to be a link to spam, so your computer has viewed this page. But, if you are (amazingly) still reading this, congratulations once again - you must have special powers which allow you to master my weirdness and that thing that comes with it which I call 'a sense of humour', so you should be able to tolerate what is coming next.

Chapter 2

Not a quote form today, but hey, it's funny...

Sorry in advance for 'censoring' the word sex but Quibblo says it's inappropriate. I say what the hell!?

Well actually, it's not funny. It's hilarious.
This happened quite some time ago, when my Year 6 class was being taught sex education for the first time. MM stands for the teacher, T stands for a girl who was in our class who's quite funny, loud and rebellious.

MM: Sex education is just a neccessary part of your curriculum, like time, or 3D shapes.
T: (calling out) But I don't know how you can compare sex education to 3D shapes though.
Class: (except T, who said it, and MM): (laughing their heads off)

Oh, memories... LOL!
You should have seen class when she said it. I can tell you, the only moment that could top that was when our teacher, MC, and our teaching assistant, MO, were dancing on the tables. And when they showed the video a girl in my class, H, took of it in the Year 6 leavers' assembly...

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