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Heya anyone who's actually reading this. If you are reading this, congratulations!
You have managed to see a link and click on it. Unfortunately, the link turned out to be a link to spam, so your computer has viewed this page. But, if you are (amazingly) still reading this, congratulations once again - you must have special powers which allow you to master my weirdness and that thing that comes with it which I call 'a sense of humour', so you should be able to tolerate what is coming next.

Chapter 1

Tuesday 16th August 2011 (which was yesterday when I posted this)

My brother was playing a game, and he was showing me something cool he was going to do in it. 'MB' is my brother, 'M' is me.

MB: I'm gonna do something cool! (he means in the game he was playing)
M: What, kill yourself? (also about the game he was playing)
MB: No! Duh! That's not cool!

I don't know about you, but I found that quite funny, to be honest.
If you didn't...




T O U G H !

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