I love you, stupid - A smosh love story

Inspired by the lovely Mr Padilla and Mr Hecox, I didn't think that there were enough love stories with youtube characters, so I'm going to write some, starting with these ones here.
Name: Grace Rose Mackenzie
Age: 23
Occupation: Professional youtuber and writer
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Hazel
Other traits: Rather short, big eyes and dark lashes, really pretty, somewhat shy, funny, witty (smart ass).

Chapter 3

He made me contemplate

It didn't feel right, being away from her. Even for this amount of time...ugh! Ian picked up on my tense feelings instantly, as always. Damn best friends and their sense towards my feelings. Ugh. I had feelings.

"Dude!" He commented, exhasperated. "I love Grace and all too, but this is getting ridiculous." I scowled. "You have no idea, Ian." He rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, ok. But I do love her as a friend, and you know it. But you've gotta calm down. Just..." He took a bite of the pizza I hadn't touched. "Ask her out." I shook my head. "She doesn't feel that way, believe me, I know. And anyway, wouldn't that, like, ruin our friendship or some crap?" Ian laughed. "Like me and Mari, right? We shall never be friends again, oh the travesty!" He exclaimed, but then became serious. "Anthony. If you don't want to ruin the friendship, don't ruin the relationship. Its as simple as that. And if you don't really see how it can work; if you don't see a future; then its not worth it. Trust me."
I nodded. I hated it when he was right. The thing was, I did see a future with Grace. And not just a foreseeable future, either. I saw our wedding, I saw little mini anthony's and grace's running around. I saw us growing old together.
UGH, IT WAS MADDENING! I raked my hands through my hair, and then stood up. "Right. We're leaving." Ian nodded. "I finished your pizza, anyway. I'll edit when we get back, and you can...I dunno, creep out Grace some more." I rolled my eyes.

She was so beautiful when she slept.

I mean, she was beautiful always, but especially when she was sleeping. It was nice, too. I could talk to her, and she couldn't dislike anything I was saying. There was no rejection. So, I practised expressing my love to her. After a while, it got weird asking out someone who was unconcious, so I lay down next to her instead, wrapping my arms around her as I had done last night. And what had been the deal with that, anyway? She hadn't seemed to notice. And now she was probably creeped out at me for making that stupid comment this morning! Ugh, why couldn't I just be Anthony her guy friend, I thought. (Because,) a voice echoed at the back of my mind. (You want to be Anthony her husband.) It was true, I thought with a sigh.
But for the very moment, this was enough. Until she woke up, and looked at me with beautiful hazel eyes, of course.
Mmm, those eyes.
"I love you," I sighed. "And I wish I could tell you that. I'm sick of being Anthony your guy friend," I laughed softly, and then became serious again. "I wanna marry you, Grace."

It was quiet for a moment, before she mumbled in her sleep. "Mmm," She mumbled, and suddenly smiled and sighed dreamily. "I love you," She mumbled. "I love you so much...." I waited for a name, and she suddenly jerked a little bit.
"Carter!" She moaned, and I felt my stomach plummet. Carter?

"I love you," He told me, and my heart flip flopped. "Oh, Anthony, I love you too!" I wrapped my arms around him, and he held me back like he had last night. Oh, yes, yes! Yes, I loved him, of course. This was finally happening! He set me down, and looked deep in to my eyes. "I wanna marry you, Grace." I started to sob lightly. "Oh, Anthony! Yes! Yes, I'll marry you. I love y-" Something pulled me away from him, from my Anthony. No! NOOO! I clawed at the arms who held me, but they didn't budge. I was suddenly spun around, and I fund myself staring in to a pair of russet coloured eyes. Carter, my ex boy friends, eyes. Ugh. "Carter!" I moaned at him. "No, let me go!" He grinned wickedly, and I turned back. Anthony was gone, and in his place was a very distraught looking woman. She had dark hair, brown but almost black, and worried, wide, hazel eyes. She was dressed as a bride, but crying. I gasped. Oh God, it was me. And on my arm was a groom Carter, grinning at his prize. No! I ran away from him, in the direction Anthony had been in. But he was gone. Long gone. I found myself fall in to blackness, totally alone. I called out his name once. Twice. No response. Then, he was there. "Oh, Anthony!" I flew in to his arms. "You're here! Oh thank god, I missed you so much, Anthony, where did you go? Oh, I love you. I lo-" "What the hell are you talking about, Grace?" He asked coldly, and I winced. "We haven't seen each other since Carter proposed. We're not friends anymore. I don't love you. Go away." No...NO!

I woke up, tears running down my face, gasping. I sat up and furiously turned on the lamp, holding my pulsating head. "Hey, hey," A voice soothed, and I gasped, turning my head, half expecting to see a vengeful Anthony again. But no. He was as sweet, worried and caring as ever. He sat up with me and I fell against his chest, not caring that it was probably weird for him. "Bad dream?" He guessed. All I could do was nod.
"You wanna talk about it?" I shook my head. "No, but you were in it." He raised his eyebrows. "Really? How?" I bit my tongue. "I- I don't- you were just there, I think." His expression dropped, until his mouth was a flat line. "Oh."
I fell back in to his chest again anyway, and he held me back, soothing me. I was so glad it had only been a dream, but it had hurt all the same. I hated Carter Williams.

I was calmer once I was up and dressed. Ian asked if I was feeling okay, and I just told him I'd had a restless night. He nodded, and the day proceeded as normal. I sighned autographs, met fans, and watched people gush. After the meetings and minglings, Anthony grabbed my arm and mumbled that we were all going to a bar. I grinned. Good. Alcohol.

I didn't get drunk, but at least I got close. Ian spent most of the time on the phone to Mari; I think he missed her a little too much.
Anthony and I spent the night drinkning and mingling with others, but I couldn't help but be just a tiny bit mad at him. A crazed fan girl had kissed him today. Lucky bitch.
I wish I was a crazed fan girl. Things would be much less complicated. But no, I was his best friend who was madly in love with him. Ugh. I needed more alcohol.

I slept easy that night, and woke in the mornind at eleven o'clock, realising that they had left before me so that I could sleep. Aww. How sweet yet annoying, I thought, grinning. Oh well, I should probably catch up with my youtube account anyway. Instead, I found myself checking his youtube account.

He hadn't ever really uploaded anything on here, not since we'd met. When he did make videos, they were usually because Ian or I made him. Still, it was nice to check. The only thing that suprised me was that he had uploaded a new video, but there had been no other activity on his account. Nothing about vid con. He must really be down about something.

The video was short; three minutes; and it was just a quick explanation that he and Ian would send out more smosh videos when they had time. Because of vid con, right? He wasn't really all that busy... he told them he was a little sick, and of course sorry for looking like tired crap on camera. He then did as any good vlogger would do and gave a brief explanation of his week, laughing about how I had had food poisoning from our authentic mexican food we had had. I laughed at that, and liked the video right away, leaving a comment that stated he was an idiot, and that next time we would be getting authentic chinese food instead.
I didn't know why I still didn't feel satisfied (probably because of that damned fan girl) and nearly clicked the x at the top of my screen before a notification came up telling me I had a message. I opened it, and laughed aloud.
From: AnthonyPadilla
To: GraceMackenzie
Great idea. Later today?

I wrote back instantly. Cool. Where are you and Ian?
At Mari's. btw, are you stalking me? Is my channel srsly the first thing you look at when you wake up, angel? I think someones got a little Padilla fever. ;)

I rolled my eyes. Whatever. No, I'm not stalking you. Are you stalking me? How else did you see my comment first off?

And...gotcha. He didn't respond for a while, but finally wrote back. Ha. Ha. You're hilarious, Grace. We'll be there in ten.

Crap! I got up, and rushed to shower, brush my hair, teeth, and look reasonably decent. UUUUGGGGHHHHH! I threw a fit at my mirror, and pulled a face at it (trying to make myself laugh) so not to go in to an all caps rage again.
Ian and Anthony were on time as usual, and we all went out for chinese.
When Ian went to the bathroom, Anthony leaned across the table and stage whispered. "Hey stalker?" I made a show of ignoring him, and said curtly, "Yes?" "'We're going out for drinks tonight, yeah? And I'm buying." I rolled my eyes. "We did that last night, genious." He grinned wickedly. "Yeah, but last night Ian was there, and you know how he piles up the bill with his expensive girly drinks. Tonight Ian's not coming. So I'm buying." I pursed my lips, suddenly pissed with him for that fan girl yesterday. Yes, I was petty. Very, very petty. "Not sure I can make it." My voice was blunt, and Anthony suddenly frowned. "Well, it'd be pretty sad if you didn't show up. Then it'd just be me getting drunk by myself in a booth." I raised my eyebrows. "So it'd just be you and me? Hypothetically, of course, if I went." Anthony nodded, and I grinned. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say Mr Padilla was asking me out on a date." I winked, and he laughed suddenly. "You wish, gorgeous." He ruffled my hair. "So I'll see you there, of course." I picked up my purse, seeing Ian start to make his way back from the bathroom. "We'll see."

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