I love you, stupid - A smosh love story

Inspired by the lovely Mr Padilla and Mr Hecox, I didn't think that there were enough love stories with youtube characters, so I'm going to write some, starting with these ones here.
Name: Grace Rose Mackenzie
Age: 23
Occupation: Professional youtuber and writer
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Hazel
Other traits: Rather short, big eyes and dark lashes, really pretty, somewhat shy, funny, witty (smart ass).

Chapter 2

He made me think twice

I awoke the next morning to the feeling of sunlight streaming through my window and spilling on to my cheek. I didn't really remember much of my dreams, only...

I gasped. 'Grace' It started to slowly come back. 'Grace, I love you, Grace' Slowly, it was coming back. 'I'm a coward. I love you, Grace.' I love you too, Anthony.

The memory of the dream left a strange ache in my chest. Because of course I had feelings for Anthony that pushed past the limits of friendship. If only that dream were real, I thought, sighing. To Anthony I was just his friend, his roommate. His mutual girl -friend. And by that, of course, I meant friend who was a girl. I could never actually say these things to his face, though, no way.
I suddenly realised that someone's arms were around me, and felt one of them, gasping. No, he couldn't have... I rolled over carefully, so not to disturb Anthony. Aww. My sweet Anthony. Looking out for me as always. I distantly remembered being carried to bed and given pain medication. Well. It worked. This was a diffeent kind of pain, the one in my chest. I stroked his cheek gently, pushing my limitations dangerously. If he woke up... when I dropped my hand, his eyelids fluttered slightly. Though I couldn't bring myself to look away. I had to see his eyes, to see if they were the same hauntingly beautiful shade of brown as I remembered. If they held the same certainty, the same sweet and loving tenderness, that I remembered. My breath sort of caught in my throat gently. They did.
I still couldn't bring myself to look down now that I knew he had caught me staring anyway. Instead I mustered a smile for him, so much as it sent butterflies throughout my stomach when he smiled back. It would be normal, I thought, for me to shrug him off and sit up, telling him some snide comment. But, God, the thought of leaving his arms right now...it was maddening.
Another thought suddenly occured. "Where's Ian?" I asked, and Anthony rolled his eyes. "Where do you think? He's at Mari's still; he called. Its his mom's birthday today, so I agreed to come with him later today to see her. Do you wanna come?" I nodded. "Of course. Are you gonna make a video?" He shrugged. "If I'm up to it. Are you?" I returned his shrug with one of my own. "Probably, if I get time. I'm a girl in demand, what can I say?" Anthony laughed quietly, though it still shook me. I think that made him suddenly realise how awkward this was. Here we were, two best friends, having a completely innocent conversation..in each others arms. He sat up, releasing me as if there were still some chance I hadn't noticed the position we'd been left in.
"Plan for today?" I asked, stretching. Anthony shrugged. "Well, we could go down to vid con after Ian's mom's house." I laughed. "A half a week early? Sure, why not."
It was awkward again after that, because I had to shower and he was still sitting on my bed. I cleared my throat, and he jumped up. "Thanks," I chuckled as he started to leave, and made my way towards the bathroom.
The warm water unknotted my back, and somewhat soothed the pain in my chest as I rethought everything. When was there ever a chance in the world for us two? Ugh, never, thats when. He...didn't feel for me...that way. There. I had gotten that much through my thick skull. Good. Maybe that would stop the feelings. Wait....no. There they were, strong as ever, pounding through my chest and ready to burst out at any moment. I wanted more than anything for him to hold me like that again, for him to hold me like that every day, for him to kiss me...I had to turn the water off when I started hyperventilating, partially worried I might start inhaling the water.
I wrapped myself in a towel and walked back to my bedroom, but frowned when I saw he was still there. He was looking through the new manuscript, it looked like, and hadn't heard me come in. I cleared my throat, and he jumped up, dropping the papers. "Grace! Um, I- I was- just...umm-" "Its not done, idiot." I told him, grinning, and he nodded. "I know. I'm just impatient, y'know?" I laughed, and then looked back at him. He was still staring at me. Not oggling, just...staring. It was nice, but I had to break it by making a joke, my usual way of getting out of uncomfortable situations. "See something you like, Anthony?" I asked him, grinning. His face remained serious, but he gave a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. "Oh, if only you knew." He told me, and the bit his tongue as if he'd just said something he shouldn't have. He gave me an apologetic smile then, and hurried out of the room, closing the door behind him.
I stared after him, dumbfounded. Now, what could that mean?

I got dressed in a black hoodie and jeans, in case it would be cold, and threw my hair up in a quick ponytail so that I wouldn't fret with it like I knew I now would anyway, if Anthony was watching me. I threw a mini tantrum when I couldn't find my contacts, and reluctantly pulled out my glasses. Ugh. At least oversized glasses were counted as ironic these days, I thought, putting them on and frowning. They felt right.
I watched TV with Anthony until Ian came down in the living room, but there was something strange between us. He seemed...on edge, today. "Something wrong?" I asked, but Ian walked through the door before he could answer.
We went to see Ian's mom, and wished her a happy birthday, before getting back in the car and starting for vid con. "You can pick up the rest of your crap later," I promised when Ian started complaining. This was gonna be a long car trip, I thought, but it wasn't. Damn. The more time I had with Anthony, the better everyhting felt. Also themore complicated things got. But, oh well, I thought, I'll take what I'm given. And god had given me Anthony. (Or whatever it is up there: Personally, I was a bit of a joking atheist at times like these.)
"We're here," Ian announced, grinning up at the hotel that stood before us. "Awesome," I said. "Whats the deal with rooms this time?" Ian shot us both apologetic looks. "Sorry, I could only get the one room. It has three beds though, yay." He smiled, and Anthony and I rolled our eyes. Oh, Great.
A hotel room with Ian and Anthony. Eh, I couldn't complain. We'd been through worse together, believe me.
Stuff I didn't even want to get in to...I shivered. You weren't friends until there'd been a blue unitard involved.

Vid con wasn't for another week, but there were always a few who came early and even camped out (yeah, we were just that famous) and so it was always better to get an early start on things. Even if that meant sharing a hotel room with a guy I wasn't sure I could keep my hands off of. Oh, and Ian. Ian who I was pretty sure was madly in love with Mari, at least. It would be nice if those two ended up together. Then that would only leave Anthony and I...I sighed. Oh, sweet fantasy, why aren't you real?
"Grace!" I fell back in to reality, shaking my head. "I'm sorry, what?" Anthony rolled his eyes. "You were out of it again." "And smiling creepily again." Ian chimed in. I laughed at them both. "Right. Sorry. Just tired. You two should go make a video- I'm probably just gonna go back to the hotel room anyway." I gave a smile that didn't reach my eyes. Anthony cocked his head to the side. "You're not gonna be in it? Are you gonna vlog at least?" I shrugged. "Probably, though we do still realise I'm wearing oversized nerdy glasses, right?" Neither of them smiled, worried about me, so I just shrugged. "I'm fine, guys," I promised."Go on without me."
It looked like it pained Anthony to leave me like this (he was a very caring friend) but he eventually (though reluctantly) agreed, and went off with Ian, leaving the key with me.
The hotel room was nice; warm colours, tv, mini fridge stacked with full cream milk and biscuits and tea, mini bar stacked with bottles, and three beds, in three seperate small rooms. They made good use of space, though we had paid for a large room.
I did as I promised, and vlogged about vid con and my previous illness (skipping over the parts where I woke up with anthony), and uploaded it right away, deciding I would take a nap. But, oh. Oh, no. No, the fans never rest! I got a million comments and responses right away, and sighed, checking over them all like the good person I was. A few bothered me; my far too observant fans Smosh_girl07, TillyJoy_x and gRaCeFaNxoxo; with their comments: You look a different kind of sick, Grace and I don't think it was food poisoning, and, why don't you and anthony just get together, already?! Srsly ppl i mean they're perfect for each other. lol on second thought no keep off him anthony's mine lol soo hott! ♥ !!
I scowled at the screen of my laptop. Yeah. Right. If only.

I took a nap after that, and didn't wake up until the next morning.

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