I love you, stupid - A smosh love story

Inspired by the lovely Mr Padilla and Mr Hecox, I didn't think that there were enough love stories with youtube characters, so I'm going to write some, starting with these ones here.
Name: Grace Rose Mackenzie
Age: 23
Occupation: Professional youtuber and writer
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Hazel
Other traits: Rather short, big eyes and dark lashes, really pretty, somewhat shy, funny, witty (smart ass).

Chapter 1

He made me laugh

My head was spinning.

I felt dizzy, sick. Out of it. "Grace?" His velvet voice bought me back to reality, though only for a moment. Within another two seconds, I was on the brink of unconciousness again. "Grace." The voice was not amused, clearly. I ignored it anyway. "Grace!" Now it was angry. That anger, the anger that I so did not look forward to hearing, brought me back in a way nothing else could.
"What, Anthony, what?!' He was grinning at the way I'd snapped at him. I only felt slightly bad for yelling at my best friend. Especially with how nice he treated me. But with the way he was annoying me, and with the way Ian was poking my back, I didn't think I could take much more.
"You looked like you were gonna pass out," He informed me, and I shut my eyes again, leaning back against the car seat and moaning. "Are you?" He murmured. I shook my head, and elbowed Ian from where his hand poked through to the front seat. "Shut up and stay put," I growled. "You're in the back seat for a reason. Leave the talking to the grown ups."
"Ha-ha." Ian said sarcastically, and poked me again. I shoved him back. "You are so immature!" I accused him nastily, and he laughed. "Well, yeah, but who didn't know that already?"
I ignored him and groaned again, and Anthony sighed frustratedly. "I swear, thats enough authentic mexican food for us." I laughed. "Taco bell is authentic," I told him, smiling to myself. He laughed. "Oh?" I nodded. "Just ask any greasy haired teenager."
"Or you could ask me," Ian piped in from the back. "I'm pretty knowledgable."
"Do you wanna go to the hospital?" Anthony asked quietly when I didn't react to what Ian had said. No doubt he'd been waiting for some witty remark. One I was disappointed I hadn't given. I shook my head.
"Is it food poisoning?" I shrugged. I couldn't quite conjour up words.
I groaned again, and took a peek at Anthony. He looked rather pained to see the state that I was in, probably worried I would throw up all over his car. "I won't throw up." I promised, to demolish that worry for him. I hated it when he worried, because that made him frown, and I didn't want to be responsible for ruining his looks. I didn't really care about Ians.
This thought made me smile. I kid, I kid. Ian was my bestie.
Annoying as hell to live with, but nonetheless my buddy.

"Are you gonna pass out?" Ian asked warily. I shrugged sleepily. "I hope not," I paused to yawn. "Then I'd have to miss seeing your gorgeous face." He nudged me again, and I smiled warily.
"I won't fall asleep..." I murmured, but I couldn't be sure if anyone responded. I fell asleep after that, grateful that at least the pains had stopped.

"Anthony. Anthony, turn. DUDE!" I looked away from Grace just in time to not wrap my car around a pole and miss my turn all in one. Ian tsked and shook his head. "She'll be the death of you, I promise." He mumbled, but in a low voice, as if she might hear. I doubted it. Grace was a heavy sleeper.
"Do you think its food poisoning?" He asked after a second. I shrugged. "Nah, probably just one burrito too many, if I know Grace," Which I did. "She's strong, she'll be fit as a fiddle tomorrow. We'll just give her some strong pain meds when we get home."
Ian seemed somewhat satisfied with this. "And when are we gonna do the video?" I didn't look at him, and he threw his arms up. "Anthony! We haven't done one in weeks!" I shrugged, still refusing to look him in the eye. "I've been busy." I lied. Ian rolled his eyes, seeing the lie instantly. "Right. Busy with doing nothing." I waved his comment off. "I do...stuff." Ian raised his eyebrows. "Oh? And is that 'stuff' the writing you've suddenly taken an interest in?" I looked down sheepishly. I had actually suddenly taken an interest in new material, material Grace had written. "At least I read her stuff." I accused him, and he snorted. "Is that all? You practically stalk her writing career, Anthony." I pretended I hadn't heard him.

When we got home, Ian got out of the car and approached the barber shop pole with sadness. "Oh, Barber Shop Pole," He sighed. "When was the last time you were on camera?" I rolled my eyes at him, but he went on. "And Mankey! And Wheelchair!" I groaned. "We'll make a video tomorrow, when Grace is feeling better, okay?" He seemed satisfied with this. "Good." He told me, and then suddenly swore. "What?" He muttered something I couldn't hear, and got out his phone. "I totally forgot," He told me. "It's my mom's birthday- I need to make a call." He disappeared in to the house, and I turned back to Grace, a smile rising on my lips.
She was so perfect when she was sleeping, so at ease. Ugh. I made myself sick. I was a coward. A terrible friend, for lying to her, every day I looked her in the eye and told her she was my best friend. That was a lie. Ian was my best friend; Grace was so much more than that. Grace was my world.
I lifted her up effortlessly; she was so light, so delicate; and carried her inside to her bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and put the covers on her. She stirred a little, so I gave her some pain medication while she was drowsy.
That got her to sleep, and I made sure that she was comfortable right away, and stroked her hair gently, sighing to myself. I had known Grace since we were fourteen. I had met her with Ian, at the park near school, on the weekend. We had always been outcasts (what with our terrible hair cuts and our tendancy to freak everyone else out with our weird humor and loudness) and when we went to the park, it was to film ourselves being stupid and to occasionally play two person soccer. Yeah. We were pretty badass. But not nearly as badass as Grace. We were just walking, setting up as usual, when BAM! There she was. Sitting under a tree, by herself, her nose in a book. She had the loveliest and darkest shade of brown hair, and it fell around her face and body in a shimmering, angelic way. From what I could see, her eyes looked hazel, and more green than brown. She was wearing jeans and a black shirt, and oversized nerd glasses that I was pretty sure were actual perscription glasses. (They were, but she wore contacts these days.) "Hi," I called, and her head shot up in alarment. "Me?" She mouthed, tapping her chest. I nodded, and beside me, Ian waved. She looked rather stunned, but I think that came from lack of general friends. We walked over to talk to her, and, as I was walking, I was deciding that I loved Grace Mackenzie. (Well, not loved, but my feelings for her then were strong for a fourteen year old. Now they were strong for a twenty-three year old.)

"I'm a coward." I informed Grace, the same thing I had informed myself. Because it was true. I was a coward. A huge one.
I sat down in the space next to her on the bed, and stroked her hair again. "Because I could never say what I feel to your face," I sighed. I saw a slight movement in her features; a frown; and smiled. "I love you," I told her in a whisper. "I love you, Grace Mackenzie, so help me I do." I smiled to myself after a moment. "There. Now, all I have to do is say that to you while you're concious."
I smiled at her again, and pat her head again.
"She's so cute when she's sleeping," I jumped at Ian's voice, and he shot me an apologetic voice. "Sorry. But she is, isn't she?" I nodded. Cute was an understatement. Ian waved his phone. "That way my mom," He admitted. "And its not her birthday until tomorrow. I'm still gonna go see her quickly, though- you wanna come?" I shook my head, and nodded towards Grace. "I better stay with her, I think. Incase she wakes up." Ian nodded. "Okay. I'm probably gonna go see Mari afterwards, anyway. So I won't be back 'till late." I nodded. "Alright. I won't wait up." He chuckled, and shut the door behind him.
I turned back to Grace with wide, adoring eyes. "Oh," I mumbled. "How I wish I weren't a coward."
I sighed, and got in to bed next to her. She moaned a tiny bit in her sleep, and I hushed her. I wrapped both arms around her and brought her to my body in an embrace, hushing her and stroking her gently.
"Such a coward," I sighed again. "Always the coward." I suddenly smiled again, and stroked her hair. 'I love you, Grace." I mumbled, and shut my eyes. "I love you so, so, much..."

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