Miracles[Fred Weasley Love Story]

Miracles[Fred Weasley Love Story]

Ellie took his hand, looking out at the destruction awaiting them. "Will you stay with me?"
"I won't ever leave your side"

Chapter 1

Three Broomsticks

by: parabol
Name: Ellie Morgan 'Puurfect' Hails
Birth: April 22nd 1978
Blood: Half-blood
Hair: Ginger red Eyes: Light Baby Blue
Wand: 12" Dragon Heartstring
Patronus: Wolf
Boggart: Grim Reaper

Snow drifted down outside of the large castle, Hogwarts. A girl, in her 7th year, walked out into the snow, wrapped in only a Gryffindor scarf, skinny jeans, a Gryffindor tee-shirt and tie, and her robe. Two boys followed her, making the group seem like twins. They boys were Fred and George Weasley, the girl? Ellie Hails.

With Ellie's red hair flowing down her back she turned around to the boys, walking backwards. "So are we just gonna be getting some ButterBeers, or are you uys trying to prank me?" she asked, in a sweet and soft american voice.

"Hmm, Freddie, what do you say?" George smiled, turning to his twin. "I don't know Georgie, could be both" Fred laughed, turning the girl around. "I swear to god... if you guys prank me, it might just be the last prank you ever do!" Ellie snapped playfully at Fred.

Before a reply could be given the three gingers ran into Malfoy and his 'pathetic' followers. "Look, it's the blood-traitors, and whoever this is." Draco laughed, turning his gaze to Ellie. "Are you the Weasley's cousin? You sure do look like it." he added in a snarl-like voice.

"No, i'm not, but it would be a whole lot better than being a prejudice Malfoy beast!" Ellie retorted, Fred moving toward her and slightly moving her to the side, crossing his arms and glaring slightly down at Draco. "Got your blood-traitor boyfriend to stick up for you? Pathetic!" Malfoy snapped, then he and his 'friends' began to walk away. "Blood-traitor" Ellie growled, pulling her wand.

Fred grabbed her wrist, "Calm down, it's not the worst thing we have been called" he told her, waiting for her to lower her wand to walk on. Ellie sighed "You better at least prank that prejudice d!ck" she said and lightly rushed to Fred's side. "Don't worry, he's first on the list" Fred smiled, looking back at George who seemed to be smirking. When they got to the door of the Three Broomsticks Fred opened the door and as George started to walk in, Fred slapped the back of his head.

"Oh come on! You...." George shut up by Ellie couching at them. "Now if you two are done, why don't you come and sit down" she stared at them, her light baby blue eyes glittering as the light coming through the blanket of clouds hit them. Fred sat down, in between his brother and Ellie.

"Least this isn't a prank...." Ellie said, nudging at Fred's arm with her elbow. George starked to smirk again, annoying Fred. "George... why do you always do that everytime i 'intteract' with Fred?" Ellie questioned, obviously clueless.

"Oh... no reason.. well all except for the fa...OW!" George ws intterupted by his own pain. Fred had kicked him under the table, hoping he would get the message. Ellie turned her gaze to Fred "Heh, sounds a bit like you fancy me" she smiled sweetly. Fred looked to her, her smile seeming to melt him like fire under ice. "Don't be silly...." he replied in a squeak.

Truthfully both fancied each other for a while, Fred liking Ellie began in his thrid year, same with Ellie. Before Ellie could reply a voice called to her, and the three looked toward the sound. It was Seamus Finnigan, who was in his 5th year, two years younger than the Weasley twins and Ellie. Despite the age difference, Seamus was Ellie's boyfriend. "I hate to blow you guys off.... Raincheck?" she questioned.

George nodded a bit "It's fine with me, how 'bout you, Freddie?" he turned to his brother. Fred just nodded, slightly shewing the 'lovely couple' away. Ellie ran over to Seamus and the two began to walk outside into the snow together. "Someones Jealous!!" George taunted his twin but nothing came from Fred's mouth.

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