one morning they came for me. a hogwarts love story.

hi everyone!! this is a group story about a girl at hogwarts. it's a love story, with a twist. enjoy!! thanks to NyxLeonaCor, invisiblecat and babykay for agreeing to do this with me!!! oh and it may not always follow the story.
Hester Antonia Dracolas

Chapter 1

a steam train? that's a little behind the times.

name: anaya bromin
house: gryffindor
age: 15
blood status: pure blood
looks: dark blonde hair. wavy and long, although she has a spell on it to make it look short. brown almond shaped eyes.

I hurried through the crowded station struggling to keep up with the auror’s long strides. He was supposed to be escorting me to the hogwarts express, but I’d lost sight of him so many times he might as well as not be there.
He turned and called back to me “hurry up, callum!”. Puffing and panting, I caught up with him. He was standing by the barrier between platforms nine and ten.
“through, you go! I can’t come with you, got other stuff to attend to. But you’ll be perfectly safe once you’re through there.” I nodded and ran at the barrier. I passed through and came out on the other side. This platform was even busier than king’s cross. It was packed tight with people and the noise of owls hooting and people chatting was almost deathening. The thing I noticed most, though, was the bright red steam train. My initial thought was “a steam train? That’s a bit behind the times.”. But then I remembered that this was England and that it was probably completely different from Bulgaria. I abandoned my trolley and carried my case and my owl’s cage onto the train; I quickly found a compartment and settled down.
Now let me explain. My name is Anaya Bromin. I am the daughter of two death eaters and up until now, I used to go to durmstrang. I know, it’s a boy’s only school. I was living with my uncle we went to Bulgaria to escape my parents, I enrolled as a boy in durmstrang to throw them completely off the scent. I’ve been a boy ever since. I’ve been known as Callum Mifsud. But last year they found my uncle and killed him. They didn’t realise, I was me though and they left me alone, my appearance had changed a lot since they last saw me, my hair was really short and a darker shade of blonde, besides, I was wearing my durmstrang uniform.
I was found by aurors and taken to England, where I went to live with my aunt celeste. I was then enrolled in hogwarts. Celeste had never met me before and was told, by Dumbledore, that I was my uncle’s son. Dumbledore is protecting me, because he knows who I really am.
So here I am, travelling to hogwarts on an out of date train, under a false name and with everyone convinced I was a boy. Great, just what I always wanted. Just at that moment two boys and a very bushy haired girl, who looked about my age came in.
“hello! Can we sit here?” asked one of the boys, he had messy, black hair and startling green eyes.
“of course,” I smiled. “my name’s callum.” Luckily my voice has always been quite deep.
“I’m Hermione granger” said the bushy haired girl. “this is ron weasley and this is harry potter,”
I did a double take. The famous harry potter? But then I noticed the lightening scar on his fore head and knew it was him. Seeing my shocked expression, harry laughed.
“I can see you’ve heard of me,” he grinned.
“sorry,” I smiled apologetically.
“don’t worry about it,” he said as he sat down. “I haven’t seen you around, are you new?”
“yep! I transferred from durmstrang, I’m entering fifth year.”
“same year as us!” ron said excitedly, he had a shock of flaming red hair and he was quite tall for his age. “do you know what house you’ll be in?”
“brilliant! Same as us!” ron said. “I thought you might be, because there is only nine people in Gryffindor this year. Funny, really. There are going to be six boys and four girls. It’s normally five and five.” I blushed but luckily they didn’t notice.
“hey ron, there you are!”. Two boys entered the compartment. They, too, had flaming red hair. They were completely identical, down to the last freckle.
“we’ve been looking all over for you,” the other one said. “you and hermione are supposed to be on prefect rounds.”
“oh god!” Hermione squealed, grabbing ron and pulling him out of the compartment.
“hello harry!” the twins chorused, sitting down opposite us. “and, who are you?”
“callum Mifsud,” I grinned. “I’m from durmstrang!”
“well, that explains why we’ve never seen you before,” one said. “I’m fred weasleys.”
“and I’m geoge”
“nice to meet you.”
Half an hour later, the train pulled into hogsmeade station. There were carriages waiting to take us to hogwarts. I got in one with harry, ron and Hermione. When I got there I joined them at the Gryffindor table. Dumbledore stood up to make a speech.
“Welcome back to another year at hogwarts!” he boomed, spreading his arms wide. “I hope you have had a good holiday and are now ready to start school again. This year I would like to welcome a new student to Gryffindor. Callum Mifsud.” Everyone clapped. Well, I say everyone, most of slytherin table just stared nastily at me.
“hey harry,” I whispered. “who’s that boy with the pale blonde hair and the arrogant smirk?”
“draco malfoy!” harry answered through gritted teeth. “he’s a stuck up pureblood who thinks he’s better than everyone else.”
“weren’t the malfoy’s death eaters?” I asked
“yeah! But they wriggled out of it.” I said no more
I turned to stare at him, daring him to look away, but he held my gaze.
Draco malfoy’s pov
“welcome back to another year at hogwarts! I hope you have had a good holiday and are now ready to start school again” Dumbledore droned on. I wasn’t listening, he didn’t merit my attention. “this year I would like to welcome a new student to Gryffindor.”
I brought me head up sharply. A new student? “Callum Mifsud”. Everyone started clapping. I looked over at callum. There was something odd about him, something that didn’t quite fit in. he turned and stared back at me, I met his eyes. Yes, there was definitely something odd about callum Mifsud. And I was going to find out.
Anaya pov
I turned away from malfoy as food appeared on the plates all along the table. I helped myself to something of everything, I had never had such good food. When we had all finished the food disappeared to be replaced by pudding. By this time I was too full to eat any more. I went up to bed feeling satisfied and sleepy. I was in a dorm with harry, ron, an irish boy called seamus, Neville longbottom, I had heard my parents gloating about his parents demise and I felt very uncomfortable around him, and dean Thomas. No one seemed to suspect my disguise so far, but I was going to have to be careful. Especially with people like malfoy lurking around.
Fred pov
“yes, fred”
“did you think there was something odd about callum?”
“yes, although I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.”
“definitely something, though.”
We stayed in the common room til late that night pondering over what it was that was so odd about callum Mifsud.

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