Darkness Becomes Me (A Story of a Fallen Angel)

Darkness Becomes Me (A Story of a Fallen Angel)

This is a story about an Angel that is driven over the edge and turns into a bit of a bad-ass.
WARNING!: This story may contain some graphic (and non-graphic) sex scenes, along with violence, gore and bad language. So if any of these things offend you, please don't read it. But if not, enjoy!

Chapter 3

A Step Forward

The lighting in the lobby was dim; a brown leather desk was situated at the back of the room with a miniature palm tree on both sides.
Plush red seats furnished the waiting room that had oak wood panelling for both the floor and walls. A single light hung from the black ceiling, themes as a chandelier.
There were two doors in the wall to the left and an archway to the right. A melancholic saxophone melody drifted through the archway so Regina guessed that the darkened room to the right must have been the lounge and entertainment.
A small blonde woman with baby blue eyes stood behind the desk watching coolly as the fallen angel walked deliberately slowly to the check in, taking in her surroundings and noting her exits. A register and a tarnished copper bell were the only items on the desk.
"May I help you?" The receptionist asked, her voice deeper than one would expect for such a small thing.
"I've come for an interview." Regina informed the woman, smiling as warmly as she could with her heart in such a state. The woman took no notice and barely nodded.
Pulling a pen out from behind her ear and retrieving a form from under the desk, the woman enquired her name.
"Regina Black, A.K.A: The Devil's Bride."
The young woman seemed to regard Regina with suspicion then and instead of writing anything she motioned for Regina to follow her. "I'm Cynthia; I've been working here for five years now. It's... interesting work." The girl told her.
Cynthia now wondered how old Cynthia actually was and what she meant by 'interesting'. She followed Cynthia into the lounge; the only light coming in was from a large almond shaped window in the ceiling.
As Cynthia moved gracefully through the moonlit darkness Regina could make out some sort of small tattoo, shaped like a serpent constricting a cross, on the small of her back as the emerald green tube top she wore rode up whilst she walked. The darkness brought comfort to the fallen angel.

They came to a table in the back corner of the room, and whilst Regina studied the two empty chairs curiously she came to realise that one of them was actually occupied. How had she not seen him?
He had dark red corn rows, black coloured eyes and porcelain skin.
"That will be all Cynthia." The deep voiced man spoke. His voice had a gruff sexy tone to it. Cynthia curtsied and left. This was the man from the phone earlier on, and she could already sense the power exuding his aura.
"Regina Black, you may call me Cain." The man leaned backwards into his chair but extended his arm out and offering her his hand. She stepped forward and could feel the immense heat radiating from his body, and as she took his hand she felt hot bolts travelling up her spine.
A broad man with a coarse brunette beard speckled with grey finished playing his saxophone and retreated from the stage. "Thank you, we will contact you shortly." Cain's voice echoed loudly as the interviewee left.
Regina and Cain were now alone.
"Take to the stage, if you please," Cain made it sound like an order.
Regina made her way to the stage at the front of the lounge. She passed wrought iron chairs seated around cold, grey tables. One bright spotlight focused on the centre of the stage, and deep purple curtains framed the sides. A piano melody picked up from nowhere and Cain stated, '"In your own time."
What the hell? What was she supposed to sing?
Regina pushed back her doubts, flicked back her hair and began to sing about her feelings, worries and wants. She timed it perfectly with the accompaniment and her serene voice seemed to illuminate the room as the dust particles in the room shivered and shone.
You never would have guessed with a voice like hers was capable of the sin she had carried out.

The spot light started to fade and the piano dropped out until the whole room was still and only Regina's voice could be heard. For some reason she could still clearly see Cain's eyes, like two shining black pebbles, looking at her in the darkness. Her singing ceased when she released all her emotions and she could feel hot rays roaming her body as Cain studied her up and down.
"Congratulations, you are now employed at The Devil's Inn. You will work Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm to 1am with a half a 20 minute break at 11pm and 12pm. You can stay at your flat or have a room here. We prefer our most talented staff to reside at the Inn; brings more business." He explained.
Forgetting to even thank him she asked, "How do you know I live in a flat?"
"You told me," he responded instantly.
Regina had lost many of her strengths when she fell from the sky, but her memory was not one of them. "No, I told you the name of my city." Regina hopped off of the stage, strode over to Cain's table, sat in the spare chair and fixed Cain with a glare. "How do you know where I live?" Regina demanded, deliberately pausing between each word.
"I know a lot of things," Cain told her, his eyes surfacing her body again as he avoided her question. He licked his lips.
"About me?" She queried, not even bothered by his ogling. She in turn took in his lean framed in a tight red shirt with the top buttons undone; his leather trousers and shaven face giving him a smooth appearance.
"About everyone..."
Regina stayed quiet and watched as Cain lit a cigarette, took a drag and exhaled a cloud of smoke into the air.
"I could return your strength." He offered, draining the cigarette and lighting another. He offered one to Regina but she declined; it was a filthy habit.
"What do you mean?" She quizzed, her eyebrows arched.
"You lost everything, right? Well I could get them back for you... even your wings." He tempted her, avoiding her question again.
"How? What are you? What do you know about me?!"
Cain held his finger to his lips to quieten her, "I'll show you."
Cain rose and Regina gawped at his 6'6'' frame. He reached out for her hand carefully and led her away from the lounge, through the lobby and into one of the suites at the end of the Inn. The bedroom was large, furnished with thick red carpet, a dark wooden king sized bed and several couches. Two desks stood against the east and south walls while old paintings of men and women from the past decorated the room.
Cain took off his shirt to reveal a lightly toned body and an iron necklace shaped like the receptionist's tattoo.
"One night with me and some of your power will return." Cain said, in no more than a whisper.
Regina stepped forward.

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