Darkness Becomes Me (A Story of a Fallen Angel)

Darkness Becomes Me (A Story of a Fallen Angel)

This is a story about an Angel that is driven over the edge and turns into a bit of a bad-ass.
WARNING!: This story may contain some graphic (and non-graphic) sex scenes, along with violence, gore and bad language. So if any of these things offend you, please don't read it. But if not, enjoy!

Chapter 1

You Stabbed Me

She had rammed a dagger into his heart. Literally.
She had even watched as the glittering red blood, the blood of an angel, stained his white robes and blossomed into a large poppy.
Angel Gabriel had stripped Regina of her title immediately and had exiled her to Earth as a punishment. Regina was now one of the Fallen.

Vincent had deserved it though. In the eyes of Regina anyway. When she had returned to Vincent's and her own bleak home built into the side of a snowy mountain she had found Vincent in an act of adulteration with Angel Tiffany. Regina allowed Tiffany to flee and Vincent to dress, but it wasn't long before she snapped.
She stared into the unlit fireplace in their horribly bare sitting room and turned to face her husband as he entered the room. She turned away again, not able to look at him. She picked up her dead father's dagger and twirled it in her hands. Vincent watched her do so with fear in his eyes.
"Regina..." He began, "I'm so sorry, I didn't think-"
"Think that I'd find out?" Regina screamed; a dark shadow falling over her face as her brown eyes turned black.
Vincent stumbled backwards. "N-n-no, I never thought I'd do something this st-stupid. It was a mistake." His voice trembled as he stuttered.
Regina put the dagger down and bowed her head as a single tear fell from her eye. The tear hit the white washed floor boards and burnt a perfect circle in the wood. Where the tear had trailed, a burn was visible on Regina's face.
Vincent rushed over to his wife and cradled her in his arms, telling her everything would be alright. She spun around and pushed Vincent against the wall, kissing him fiercely. Vincent submitted but winced when her nails dug into his chest.
Suddenly, Regina reached for the blade and buried it in his heart in one swift movement. "You stabbed my heart first." Regina whispered, her voice sounded too sweet for the dark meaning.
The next thing she knew, Gabriel had been holding her back from behind as she clawed out and barely missed Vincent's half-lit eyes.

Now she was alone on Earth. Regina smiled maliciously. This feels good.

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