FOR CONVENIENCE: Below are update slots. If the No. 1 slot is filled, the first update is up. If the No. 2, the second and so on. Will extend as needed.

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Chapter 1


Note: Any stories that are not yet on my story account, TheCorgiProject, may or may be not deleted, although that's rare. I realized I have many, many stories that haven't even gotten to their second chapter. If there is a story of mine that is not on my story account that you would like me specifically to continue, I will try to get it up as soon as possible. With all that I'm dealing with, I think you guys deserve to have a good few chapters of each story. However, stories not on my story account are NOT included here. Let that be clear.

The Farmer's Daughter (Rewritten)

I released a new chapter a bit ago, and I just started another one. The amount of time that it will take to get the next chapter up? A maximum of a month!

One Moment (A Collection of Animal Rights Stories)

I'm working on a REALLY good chapter. I hope you don't like cat's though :(

The Only Exception (Rewritten)

Working on that. Have half a chapter saved, but will be up soon.

Fix You

Aha! This one was tricky but like I said on the others: Will be up soon!

Another update for you guys...

Here are the stories not on my story account I am for sure going to continue.

Dear Iris
Winter Coats

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand my Quibblo Awards are probably not going to be continued but I have high hopes :)


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