Fairy Tale Romance (Rated PG-13) Chapter 2

Narah considers Robert as a friend. Robert to Narah and room-mate.
Chapter 2
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Chapter 1

First Night.

Narah followed Robert up the stairs to their dorm carrying the Pepsi. Robert arrive at the door and pushed it open, with ease. Robert placed the pizza on Narah's bed and went into the bathroom. Narah pulled out the ice tray she had put in the Freezer part of her mini-fridge and twisted and turned it until the ice cubes where loose. She pulled two cups out of her box, which was now acting as a small cabinet for all her dishes and glasses. She put two cubes in each Blue plastic cup. And poured a full cup for one and a half cup of the other. She wasn't very thirsty for Pepsi. Robert caught her by surprise when he suddenly reached across her shoulder and grabbed the full cup, assuming it was his. Narah twisted the cap on the bottle and put it in her mini-fridge. Robert had one, but she didn't trust it. It probably had a six-pack of beer,even though he was underage. And covered in spoiled meats and foul milk. That he drank from directly from the bottle.
"My fridge isn't that nasty, Narah." Narah turned to see Robert munching on a piece of pizza. It then occurred to her that she was talking to her-self and he must have heard.
"Oh. Um. Sorry." Narah apologized grabbing a piece of pizza for her-self. It was hot and cheese was slipping off the pizza, but not coming off. Instead, extending. She took a large bite at the end and worked her way up.
"Good grief! I had no idea you were do hungry!" Robert laughed. Narah, with a mouthful of pizza, nodded and smiled. She dusted her hands and went into the bathroom with her pjs. When she came out, Robert's TV was on and the show was The Oblongs. She decided to watch with him, on her bed. She grabbed another slice, when Robert asked for another slice. She picked up one and coughed and breathed all over it.
"Ha funny," Robert walked over to Narah and took the pizza slice anyway. "You are so funny." His voice was dry and sarcastic. Narah laughed and took another bite of the piece.
"What are you majoring?" Narah asked.
"Um. Well my schedule says I have chosen Musical Instruments. Or something." Robert stated un-gluing his eyes from his TV. Then his eyes flickered to Narah as if he was expecting her to answer her own question as well.
"Oh!" Narah got out after starring into his eyes, as if in a trance. "I am majoring, um," Narah climbed off her bed and then disappeared behind it yanking her schedule out her binder front pocket. Narah leaned on her bed, on her elbows.
"I have ummm Musical Instruments and Advanced Musical Talents." Narah looked now up at Robert who was no longer on his bed but hers. "Ah. Of course. Advanced Musical Talents." Robert remarked. Narah thought about it then dropped it and realized he was on her bed. 'Boy I am slow' Narah thought to her-self. She pushed Robert off her bed and laid on it. Robert then grabbed Narah's leg and yanked her off the bed. Narah braced her self for the fall. Robert had climbed on his bed by the time she hit the floor. She got up and did the same to Robert but grabbed her pillow. And hit him repeatedly on her legs. Robert enjoyed the abuse and endured for quite some time before he grabbed the pillow from out her hands. When she turned to grab another he picked her up and tossed her onto the other bed which was "his". To his surprised she looked heavier than she actually was. Narah ducked on the opposite of her side to the room they shared, dodging a blow. The two went back and forth with the pillow ripping the pillow from out each other's hand and then dodging a blow from the pillow carrier. This went on for quite some time. Then the two need a break. Robert plopped down on Narah's bed.
"Thats...........my.................bed. That's.................how we............... ugh." Narah argued against Robert's actions, but fell back onto his bed. She turned off his TV and laid there for some time, when her phone rang. She sprung from his bed and over Robert to get to it.
"Hello. Oh hey mom. Yeah yeah I'm fine. I had a pillow fight with my room-mate. No I'm not lesbian. I know you were just checking. O..Okay. Yea... alright mom." Narah looked up to see Robert's reaction. He had fallen asleep by then. Narah sighed and listened to her mom talk as she escorted herself to his bed. Her mom talked on and on about the pets and how empty if feels without her. Narah assured her she had Dad, but it when in her mom's good ear and out the other. When she hung up it was about a half past mid-night and she was fatigued beyond comparison. She fell asleep with the phone in her hand.

The next morning Robert woke up to a screaming banshee alarm clock. When he turned to stop such alarming alarm he fell off Narah's bed. He peered over the top of his own and found a girl there. When his memories returned, the screaming banshee had stopped. He ran around the bed and stopped it, before it started again. He stared at Narah for some time. He then suddenly had to pee. He turned and ran into the bathroom. When he finished "washing" his hands with water, he looked up at his reflection; assessing his looks and whether he wanted to shave or not. Then a pounding on the door stopped his thoughts. He opened the door just enough so that he could see who it was without looking stalkerish. Narah. He opened the door and stepped out. Narah went in and was out in about 3 minutes. He timed her. Narah looked horrible and had a locked bird's nest for hair. He watched Narah wipe her eyes and scream.
"I SLEPT WITH ME MAKE-UP ON!" She ran to the bathroom.
"It doesn't look that bad!" Robert yelled from outside the bathroom.
(To Be continued[again])


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