Dear Friends, Readers and Awesome-ness

I'll see you hot stuffs later! xx

Chapter 2


Well hey there Quibbloians! I'm back.
Yes, most of you probably realized this when I started commenting and such but I feel the need to say this.
I have missed loads of you so much, I was sitting in India going 'I need to talk to them. NOW.'

Pchurr (BlackStar) and Jnita (I_Have_Fred_Weasley), I have missed you guys so much. So much, it's not even funny.
And thanks for attacking me with thousands--Literally--of messages. I really needed that, sarcasm intended. Haha, no JK (Rowling). But seriously.
And I'm sorry, but I have school so I might not be on as frequently as I used to be.
Woops :L

And please, for the love of food and sleep add my Beautiful Besties Gee (owlsgorawr) and Nash (PotterPhantomGirl). Also, adding my darling sister (GERARDWAYISMINE or One_Hell_Of_A_Guy) would be appreciated because they are all unknownly awesome people.
Fanks :3

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