Dear Friends, Readers and Awesome-ness

I'll see you hot stuffs later! xx

Chapter 1

Leaving :/

Hey everyone, I just have to tell you some really good and bad news. The good news is I'm going on holiday! :D
And the bad news is I'm going on Holiday D:

Sorry Everyone who read my stories (that completely fail btw xD) and sorry to everyone I've been chatting with. I'll be back god knows when. So do my parents but I can't be bothered to know. :L
I send my love out to all you awesome people out there, you know who you are :L

Be online soon,

Also, those who are friends of my darling sister GERARDWAYISMINE (One_Hell_Of_A_Guy), please note that she will be absent as well.
She sends her love to all her awesome people :3

From the two of the world's biggest retards, Keep Living Like Awesomeness.

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