Story contest!!!!!

I hope you enter!!

Chapter 1

story contest

ok this is a contest and you can only enter one story per person. You can enter any genre you would like. It must have at least 3 chapters. Each chapter must have more than five sentences. If you would like to enter message me like this:
Subject:I would like to enter!
Message: hi I would like to enter my story _________. Here is the link _________.

There will be a first,second, and third place winner.
1st place: I go and take 10 of your quizes and comment on them and rate them.(and second or third prize if wanted)
2nd place: we make a story together about whatever you want and I will take 3 of your quizes and rate and comment on them.(plus third prize if wanted)
3rd place: I will make a quiz dedicated to you about whatever you want. Any quiz. And I will take one of your quizes and comment and rate them.

Ok good luck!!

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