I simply adore you...

I know u'r probably getting sick of my JONAS quiziz
but hey don't blame me..i love them :D <3

Chapter 1

ILY JB (Jonas brothers DUH!!!)


Watch this viseo if u r a JB fan
i cried when i saw it :'(

n the future people will talk about the Jonas Brothers
They'll talk about them like we talk about the Beatles, Hanson, and NSYNC
They'll talk about the records they made
They'll talk about the sold out concerts
They'll talk about their style, family, and beliefs
They'll talk about the adoring fans who waited hours for just a glimpse of their favorite boys
But they'll never talk about who they were as genuine human beings.
Or what they brought to our lives.
Or how many people they brought together just by their music.
They'll never talk about how Nick's battle with diabetes inspired millions
How even though he's the one with diabetes, he did the most on stage
They won't understand his genuine love of music and how he was born to play
They'll never talk about how Joe could light up a room with his jokes and bright smile
How his mic tricks could pone anyone else's any day
They won't understand how he could get packed arenas and stadiums to move together as one
They won't talk about how Kevin's guitar sills made millions want to learn to play
How is SOS dance became a legend
They wont' ever understand how his energy level never went down and how he did his best to make every fan feel special
They'll never know that when he did one of his famous spins while still playing the whole crowd held their breaths
People will never understand how the Jonas Brothers YouTube videos never got old
How we could be in the worst mood but they made us laugh
They won't get the joy we felt and the tears that fell when we went to our first concert
They won't understand that the campfire is something every fan dreams of being a part of
They won't understand how the Jonas Brothers gave us something to believe in each and every day
How they made us better people
They won't know that we love the Jonas Brothers
But we love Nick, Joe, and Kevin more, just as people
They'll never know how much the Jonas Brothers meant to us
But we do
The fans of the past, the present, and future

But i still love them
And i'll always will

They r my row models
They will always be my favorite band
but 4 me they r more then just a band who play music

They are part of our life now
i can't imagine that one day
could pass without
a Jonas song

simply i adore them
u made us believe in something

And we r different we r
Jonas Fans

<3 <3 <3 :')


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