A Spongey Story Contest (yes its a story contest plz click here) {Updated - MUST READ}

Okay so, so many people have been doing story competitions! So I've decides to do one!


NOMINIES HAVE BEEN DETERMINED!!!! PLEASE VIEW "Chapter 2" to this "story".

Chapter 1


--Here it is: 
-The contest is just a story contest that will eventually result with having a winner or winners.

Please feel free to nominate someone else's story! (I will need the link though!)
If its not your story then make sure theres at least 2 chapters submitted when you nominate!

---If it is your story:
~You must submit at least 2 or 3 "chapters" on Quibblo.

~You must post a link to your story in the comments by September 11 2011 at 10:30 to be in (I will NOT accept stories nominated after 10:30am on September 11th)

~It may be a group story but you need to tell me you're all writing the story (only one of you needs to comment if that is the case)

~~Anyways, if u do write about HP just know that idc because Im not the judge, someone else is and im not gonna say who it is!

~~No more than 2 stories will win!

Any questions? Comments?  Message me w/ subject contest44

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