When Good Girls Meet Very Bad Boys (Part 1 of 4)

When Good Girls Meet Very Bad Boys (Part 1 of 4)

Dear Readers, this story invovled a lot of research and thinking. I've re-did this story three times and I hope I won't have to again. This story is about a girl Penny who thinks she's some perfect american girl. When she finds out a few family secrets her world is turned upside down. After being forced to live with a few family friends she meets Jason. The son of a legendary Mexican Mafia Mobster. He takes a sudden Interest in Penny and It goes downhill from there.
Enjoy My readers.

Chapter 1


It was a cold and windy night in Russia when Anya and Robert climbed into the back of the cart. Pulling the cover over their heads Robert motioned for Anya to get her Walkie Talkie. "We are in the cart and are on our way to the Warehouse." Said Anya in a low but easily enough heard voice. A static sound came and a voice from the other side of the W/T spoke. "Good. How long do you suppose it'll take you to get here?" Anya clicked a button on the side and thought before speaking, "In the least, about eight minutes. If it tends to get slower we'll grand theft auto." She looked up at Robert lovingly and he took her hand and kissed it. This was their mission to prove fully loyal to the Mexican Mafia. They were sent to pick up some special packages from the address 9102 Rally Warehouse in Russia. Anya was pure Russian and her voice was thick and sexy. "Effirmitive. Hand the Talkie to Roberto." Anya relased the button and handed the Talkie to her husband. "Felix, how many times must I tell you it is Robert. Those Latino links mean nothing." There was a soft chuckle from the Talkie and then Felix spoke. "How many times do I have to tell you that I don't give a flying fvck what you want me to call you. It will always be Roberto." Robert shook his head, Felix was an old friend from the Columbian Drug Cartels Mafia. By the name anyone would know that they had skills when it came to drugs. Mostly into controlling and trafficking drugs they are helpful allies. Just recently they had allied themselves with Russia and Mexico. After they had been threatend by the extradition treaty they had with the U.S the lords went into hiding and told their members to kill their supporters. Many people thought all this Mafia stuff was over, that their weren't anymore mobsters, but they were so wrong. Stupid Americans. Thought Anya, who wasn't too fond of them. "Whatever Felix. We'll be there soon so hold tight." Then Robert clicked off the Talkie and slid it into his coat pocket. Anya looked at him with an unreadable expression on her face. "Come here my little Anyata." Anyata was her full name and only Robert called her that. Anya slid over to her lover and snuggled into his side. She was used to the weather of Russia, but obviously Robert wasn't, who shivered slightly. The large plastic cover had sheltered them from the fierce winds at the moment, but when they got to their destination they'd have to run for it. Hopefully the warehouse is warm... Thought Anya, thinking of the man she had been forbidden to see as a teenager. "What is wrong, my dear Anyata?" Asked Robert, raising her chin to him. "The baby is restless. It must sense something is wrong. Much like myself." Anya laid her free hand on her belly. It wasn't huge, so you didn't really know she was pregnant, maybe just a little chunky, but Anya could never look bad. "Let me feel." Robert pushed Anya's hand away and placed it on her belly. He could feel a slight kick here and there. He chuckled and hugged Anya. But he could still see her worry. "Anyata, this will work. You shouldn't worry about things. It's not good for the baby." Anya knew this too and nodded. "What do you think it'll be, a girl or a boy?" Anya knew Robert didn't care what it would be, but she also knew that he did want a little girl. Robert shrugged and held her a little tighter as the cart passed over a few bumps. "I don't know. But have you thought of any names you'd like?" Anya and Robert had agreed that wether their child was a girl or boy, it would have a Russian name, Latin middle name and his last name. "For a boy maybe Amoree' and for a girl maybe my name..." She trailed off in thought as three solid knocks came pounding on the side of the cart. That was their cue. "It's time to go." He said softly, kissing her on her lips. She kissed him back but before they got carried away the baby kicked, and both of them could feel it. Anya pulled back and laughed. "The baby says it's time to break it up." Robert nodded in agreement and climbed out of the cart first, then grabbed his lover's hand and pulled her out carefully. After they were both out they had turned to find people surrounding them. Felix had pushed through the people, At least five. Counted Anya, and made a motion with his hands. A second later they all had guns pointing at Anya and Robert. "Felix, you double crossing bastard!" Before Robert knew it he was on the ground spitting blood. He looked up angrily at Felix, who had a slight smile on his face. "Anya, how lovely to see you in person. It's been long, too long." Anya at the moment didn't know what to do. She laughed nervously and looked at Robert with fear written all over her face. "And look at your shape. Roberto told me you were pregnant, but I hadn't expected you to look so good..." Felix winked at her. Anya sighed in discust and forced a smile. "I try to take care of my shape. Baby or no baby." Felix looked her up and down and nodded. "Yes you do." Robert slowly got up from the ground and grabbed Anya's hand and held it tightly. "Don't Felix." Felix shook his head and sighed, "Well let's go I suppose." Three men went behind Anya and Robert and two went on the side. Felix led them to the warehouse and Anya winced in pain as the baby kicked. Robert put an arm around her and said softly, "Don't worry." But Anya did, not for herself, but for her lover and unborn child. She had a bad feeling about this.

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