your name is Clarissa May Sapp. your'e 13, and an 11-year-old guy named Ethan Jurgensen has a huge crush on you. he says that if you don't go out with him, he'll have to take drastic measures. you have curly blond hair, and green eyes. has romance.

Chapter 1


It's a bright, sunny day as you wait for the school bus. your bff, Jenna, keeps squinting off into the distance. "can you stop that? it's getting kind of annoying." "Sorry..." she says. " I just have this weird feeling that we're being followed. I swear someone's in those bushes." "why would anyone want to stalk US?" you say. "we're just two normal, non-famous, poor, teenage girls." "you're right... oh, look. There's the bus now."

you arrive at school. maybe Jenna was right. there DID look like somebody was in those bushes. and a sleek, new, 2011 car followed your bus the whole way to school. at least you know ONE thing about the person...
they're rich.

At lunch, Ethan asks you out. again. "for the 2 millionth time this week, NO!" you scream. "I'll have to take drastic measures," He theratens. "Yeah, whatever. you say that everyday. now get lost." as Ethan walks away, you think about what "drasitc measures" means. then you start to think about that stalker. "hey, Jenna." "yeah?" "you know that car that followed us to school?" "yeah. what about it?" "well, i've been thinking. Ethan always says he'll take 'drastic measures'. and he's rich. the person who followed us is rich. I sense a connection here..."

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