You're Still A Part Of Me

You're Still A Part Of Me

This is an Original Love Story By ME!


Chapter 1

They Don't Like The New Me

Name: Chris Blue(Main Character)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Eyes: Gray
Hair:Blonde with navy and light brown streaks
Height: 5 Foot 8
Ethnic: Hispanic/White
Personality: Fun loving girl. Often gets into problems at school, and with her parents. Has a twin brother, Darren, who is the complete opposite of her. Her grades are always C's or F's. She isn't athletic or popular. Loves music, only thing she has in common with her brother. Hates being compared to her brother

Name: Darren Blue
Age: 17
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Brown
Height: 6 Foot 1
Ethnic: Hispanic/White
Personality: Happy going boy. He is Wide Reciver for his school, the lions! His is the perfect son. Gets straight A's. Never messes up, and is Mr.Popular in school. He does everything with his best friend Mark. Hates not being active. Is a lady mans

Name: Mark Greene
Age: 17
Eyes: Light Bue
Hair: Bronze
Height: 6 Foot 4
Ethnic: White
Personality:Happy going boy. He play Quaterback for his school, the lions! Gets straight A's. Is Mr.Popular in school. He does everything with his best friend Darren. Hates not being active. Every girls dies for his attention.(Picture of him on top)


BEEP! BEEP! My alarm went off making me wake up. I groaned, today was the firs day of my Junior year. I hate my school. West Bridge High School home of the mighty Lions,ugh, I've gotton used to not hearing that every morning!
West Bridge High School is just like every other high school. Teenage boys and girls trying to make themselfs feel better by putting everybody else down. Like if I really care what the think of me. Leave that to desspred girls that want to fit in. The only thing that I like about Weat Bridge is choir. A place were I get to be myself.
I got up and went downstairs to eat breakfast. My mother father and brother were in the kitchen already.
"At what time did you get here last night?.....And what happened to your hair?,"asked my mom dropping the egg as soon as she saw my hair.
"Which question do you want me to answer first?,"I asked her as I tooj a sip of my orange juice.
"Por Dios Santo! Don't and try to play tricks on us and just answers the questions,"said my dad trying to stay calm.
"Well, I got here at three in the morning. And about my hair, I got bored and decided to change my look,"I replied like it was no big thing, which for me it isn't.
"Wait! Was that a tongue ring I saw?,"asked my father angry.
"Yep part of my new look...look,"i said sticking out my tongue and showing them my sky blue bioplast glitter tongue ring.
"Take that..thing off! Now!,"said my mom hitting the table with her fists.
"NO!,"I said getting defensive.
"Why can't you be more like your brother?,"asked my dad putting the news paper down.
"Por que soy MUJER! and I love the way I AM!,"I said getting up and running up to my room. I shut the door hard so they could me down stairs. I HATE it when the compare me to Darren, can't the understand I'm my own person. Plus, just because we are twins doesn't mean we have to act the same. Ugh! Is times like this I wish I wasn't a twin!
I looked over at the clock and it was seven, better start getting ready for stupid Junior year..................................

P.S.---If you don't understand spanish words just leave it in comments and I'll tell you what it means! Hoped you like it:)

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