Till The Day I Die

"When I agreed to help Steven with... it ...I never knew what would happen. And if I had then maybe I wouldn't be doing to myself what I've done to others so many times before..."
Mara is just your typical, innocent 15 year old teenager. Well, she was until Steven came up and asked her one question. And, from that moment on, the one word she uttered in response changed her life forever...

Chapter 3

Stealing Things Is Wrong...

Sorry it took so long! In the first chapter I think I have written my excuses, so read them and feel sorry for me! Joke. Anyway, enjoy, or don't enjoy, but if you don't enjoy, congrats, you are probably sane.
Also a joke, but if you do enjoy, there's nothing wrong with being insane is there? OK, so it might be wet and you will be away from home, unless you live in France, but even if you do I'm assuming you don't live in the River Seine. After all, you're on a computer or phone reading this. Unless you're not reading this, then that's probably a good thing, as you have been spared of my bad jokes ; D
Sorry for being weird, but hey, nothing wrong with being weird, is there? After all...
tries hard to think of bad pun on this
fails the above
spares readers from the wrath of bad jokes that aren't funny
lets readers get on with reading story

The next morning, Mara woke to the familiar sound of her mother's voice urging her to get up. Urgh, I'm too tired for this. What excuses haven't I used yet?
Suddenly, Mara remembered. She had to go shopping today, because she needed to get some...stuff for Steven.
Why did I ever agree to help Steven with this? Mara wondered, as she reluctantly pulled on some clothes and yanked a brush through her hair. She hadn't slept much last night, but her hair looked awful from her tossing and turning for most of it.
"Right Mara, let's go." her mother said when Mara had finished getting ready, and they climbed into the car and drove, once again, to the shops.
While they were walking around, Mara did a quick calculation in her head, Steven wants at least 15 tablets, they sell 10 in a packet. I'll steal 2 packets. she decided.
"Mara? Mara?" it was her mother concerned voice, snapped her out of her thoughts, "Are you alright, Mara? Do you have a headache?"
"No I'm fi-" Mara began to reply, but suddenly realised, This could be my chance! I won't have to steal the Paracetamol tablets after all!
"Um, actually, yeah, I do have a bit of a headache. Can I get some Paracetamol, please?"
"Alright, I'll keep looking for school uniform while you go off and get the tablets. You know where they are, don't you?"
"Course I do, Mum" replied Mara. Suddenly she realised she had probably sounded too cheerful. Oops. she thought.
Mara walked off to where the Paracetamol was, but as she walked there, something she passed caught her eye. Bread knives, she thought, sharp ones, too. Mara remembered the list: 'Also get bread knife, must be sharp' it had said. Almost without thinking, she grabbed one of the shortest ones she could find, and shoved it into the sky-blue handbag she sometimes carried around with her.
Quickly, she looked around her. Good, no one saw me. she thought, and carried on to where the Paracetamol was.
But what Mara thought was wrong. Someone had seen her. And that someone decided to follow her, to see what she did next...

Mara got to the Paracetamol aisle. She grabbed two of the boxes of tablets, quickly looked around her, and began to walk back towards her Mum.
Suddenly, she felt her shoulder being grabbed and herself being pulled around. Instinctively, Mara leapt away from the hand. She hated her shoulders being touched by anyone, especially random strangers. But, on closer inspection, this was no random stranger. It was...
"Mike!" Mara cried out, "W-w-what are you doing here? A-and why are you grabbing me! Haven't you ever heard of personal space?"
"What are YOU doing, stealing things from a shop!?"" Mike, Steven's best friend hissed in reply.
"It's for Steven." Mara said, thinking MIke had only seen her taking the Paracetamol, "Anyway, I'm not stealing it!"
"Then why did you shove it in your handbag?" Mike asked. Mara was about to reply, when Mike enquired, "And what about the bread knife?"
"Have you been spying on me!?" Mara burst out. She had realised from an early age that if she could point out something other people had done wrong when she was in trouble with them, they would usually forgot about what she'd done. Unfortunately, she hadn't realised that this wouldn't work with someone so determined.
"Yes, but that's a lot less of a crime than what you've been doing!" Mike answered back. Mara fell silent. "And you still haven't answered my question. DON'T try to avoid it. It won't work with me."
Mara realised there was no way she could get out of this.
"Look, go to Steven's house, and tell him that I said to tell you what's happening tomorrow." she answered feebly.
Mike looked at her suspiciously, eyeing every millimetre of her face thoroughly, as if he was an expert psychologist.
"Alright." Mike replied, and, hands in pockets, walked off, occasionly glancing back at her.
Mara was just relieved that Mike hadn't killed her. Killed. Mara shuddered even thinking of the word. And Steven would probably kill her when he found out she'd (sort of) told Mike. Mara shuddered again.
Maybe he'll kill me, just before he kills himself. The thought raced through her mind faster than a starved cheetah chasing a whole herd of zebras.
Shuddering a third time, Mara began to walk back to her mother.

"Mara! What took you so long?" Mara's mother greeted her.
"Oh, um, I saw Mike, y'know, Steven's best friend, and we're sort of mates so we talked a bit." Mara was, to be fair, telling the truth, apart from the 'sort of mates' bit. Mara and Mike had never really spoken much, and when they had, it had only been "Hello.", "See ya!", or, in the case of a few moments ago, "What are you doing with that bread knife!?"
"Well, next time, try not to talk for so long, Mara. Now, let's buy you some new uniform!"

Several, dresses, blouses, polo shirts, skorts (skirt and shorts), skirts, socks and ties later, Mara and her mother returned home. Glad that her shoplifting had not been discovered, and to be home instead of trying on boring ties (which would fit her anyway) and dresses (not that Mara actually needed any new ones) in an unhygienic shop changing cubicle, Mara went up to her room and collapsed on her bed.
After a couple of minutes, she got up, walked over to where the trapdoor in her bedroom ceiling was, and climbed onto the roof. Mara was the only one in the house who knew about the trapdoor and, since it was pretty hard to see, Mara firgured the knife and tablets would be safe on the roof, so she quickly emptied them from her handbag and climbed down, shutting the trapdoor behind (or is it above?) her.
Suddenly, there was a vibration in her bag. It was her phone, recieving a text. Mara didn't recognise the number, but read the text anyway.
It said, hey mara, steve gave me ur no. he has told me about 2moro im gonna help u. c u then. mike.
Not bothering to reply, Mara tucked the phone into her handbag, then collapsed onto her bed again. Yep, tomorrow was gonna be a looooong day...

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