Till The Day I Die

"When I agreed to help Steven with... it ...I never knew what would happen. And if I had then maybe I wouldn't be doing to myself what I've done to others so many times before..."
Mara is just your typical, innocent 15 year old teenager. Well, she was until Steven came up and asked her one question. And, from that moment on, the one word she uttered in response changed her life forever...

Chapter 2

On The Second Day Of August, Steven Said To Mara...

"...Mara, will you help me with something?"
"With what, Steven?" Mara looked deep into Steven's sea-blue eyes. Even though he only spoke one word in reply, it pierced her soul, like a thousand razor sharp knives stabbing into a piece of meat. The one word Steven spoke was, "Suicide."
Mara was shocked. She couldn't believe Steven wanted to commit suicide - he always seemed so cheerful.
She was almost waiting for Steven to burst into laughter, for Mike and Jordan, his two best friends, to come out with camcorders, for Steven to reassure her it was only a prank.
But, unfortunately, none of this happened.
Almost without thinking, as if Steven could control her, she replied.
Steven nodded. He touched her hand for a brief moment, then picked up a pen and a notepad and scribbled something down. Mara shuddered as she saw the colour of the ink. Bright, crimson red - the colour of blood.
Not saying a word, Steven soundlessly tore the piece of paper from the notepad, careful to tear it without ripping it, as if he was afraid that Mara would change her mind if he did. Steven folded the paper and, without a word, passed it to Mara. She was already scared, but the silence made her even more anxious.
If you have ever sat in complete silence, you'll know exactly what Mara felt like, and you'll know exactly what I mean when I say that the silence was deafening. The silence was like a thick blanket that had been wrapped around the atmosphere.
"You can leave now." It wasn't a suggestion. It was a command. Steven's voice barely broke the silence. If a pin had dropped, you wouldn't have been able to hear him over it.
Obediently, Mara got up and left in a hurry. A silent hurry. She didn't know why, but she was petrified of Steven. Maybe it was because she knew that he wasn't afraid to kill himself. And if he was going to kill himself, why should he worry about killing her? Mara shuddered again - the second time in 5 minutes. Mara glanced at her watch to check that this was right. Had it really been only five minutes? It had felt more like 5 milleniums to Mara. Even the fastest movements seemed to have taken several centuries.

When Mara got home, the first thing she did was go straight up to her room and barricade the door with several boxes (containing pencils, pens, paint, waste paper and general stationary) and a chair. She wanted to look at the paper in peace and privacy. Carefully unfolding it, Mara scanned the paper with her eyes.
'Get Paracetamol - at least 15 tablets
Also get bread knife, must be sharp
4th August 2 o' clock exactly
Don't be late' It read.
Suddenly, Mara remembered that tomorrow, her Mum was taking her shopping. And it was then that she realised, if she was going to help Steven, she would have to commit more than one crime...

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