Till The Day I Die

"When I agreed to help Steven with... it ...I never knew what would happen. And if I had then maybe I wouldn't be doing to myself what I've done to others so many times before..."
Mara is just your typical, innocent 15 year old teenager. Well, she was until Steven came up and asked her one question. And, from that moment on, the one word she uttered in response changed her life forever...

Chapter 1

A Typical Summer's Day... Or Is It?

Hey everyone who's reading this, just to let you know I won't be able to update this story from Friday - Monday because I'll be on holiday : D
But I won't be taking my laptop with me and I'll be busy doing stuff, blah blah blah, so sorry but you'll have to wait for Chapter 3!

"Mara! Time to get up!" the first thing the 15 year old heard that morning was the sound of her mother's voice shaking her form her peaceful state of sleep. Mara groaned. It was only the 2nd August. Why did they have to go 'back to school' shopping already? Oh, right, because apparently "You won't go yourself if I don't take you!". Mara thought.
Mara's mother, Sally, walked into her bedroom. If you could have seen the two of them, you wouldn't have believed they were mother and daughter. Mara had hair 'black as coal in a dark cave on a cloudy winter's night' and eyes 'green as emeralds in a grassy field', at least according to her mother. Sally had blonde hair the colour of the shimmering yellow sun on a hot summer's day, and eyes the same blue as the periwinkle sky, reflected in the sparkling waves of the sapphire sea.

When Sally had finally managed to make Mara leave her cosy nest of blankets and pillows (a.k.a. bed), get dressed and eat breakfast, she forced her into the car and drove her to the shop. Mara was so bored, she thought that actually going back to school would be more fun than back to school shopping. Suddenly, Mara was jerked out of her boredom by a voice.
"Hey Mara." it said.
"Oh, hi Steven!" Mara replied. Steven was one of her good friends. His coffee brown hair and his sparkling blue eyes were just two things that made him sexy.
"D'you want to go down the town with me?" he asked Mara.
"Yes!" exclaimed Mara, then blushed a shade of deep crimson red, realsing she had been over enthusiastic, "Oh... um, well, I would, but my Mum's dragging my round the shops to try on school uniform now, so..."
"Alright, alright, Mara. I trust Steven, so you can go with him. We'll buy the uniform tomorrow." Sally informed her.
"Yay! Thanks! See you later, Mum!" and with that, Mara eagerly dashed off with Steven to go down town.

"C'mon, Mara, come to my house a minute." Steven muttered flatly as they walked through the town.
"Uh, OK." agreed Mara, slightly confused as to why he was suddenly acting so coldly towards her.
Together, they walked to Steven's house.
"This way." he murmured, and lead her to his room.
Steven perched on the edge of his bed. Awkwardly, unsure of what she was supposed to do, Mara did the same. Suddenly, Steven grasped her hands in his, and looked her right in the eyes with a strange intensity she had never seen before. She felt a wave of anxiety sweeping over her as her brain tried to analyse the reason for Steven's sudden extreme seriousness. Looking deeper into his eyes, she saw fear. She could see he was trying to say something, but wasn't sure how to say it, if at all. She felt concern taking over her. Mara was about to ask Steven what was wrong, but before she could move her lips, Steven had already spoken.
"Mara," he began, "I need to ask you something..."

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