Unexpected Love (HP)

By Me and xBVBx

Chapter 1

The Tragedy

I was sitting at the Gryffindor table, next to Dean and Ron, and we were talking about random stuff, though Ron was always distracted.

"Ron, Ron?" Ron snaps out of his worrying.


"You okay buddy?" Ron nods slowly, looking at Hermione with worry in his eyes.

"Yeah, Seamus, I'm fine." I shrugged, scooping some potatoes into my mouth as the sky darkened outside, not a good sign. Dean and I talked about Quidditch, now bored as heck. Ginny joined in, sitting next to Hermione.

"Remember the Quidditch match in your third year, Seamus? The one where Harry fell off his broom?" I nodded slowly.

"Who could forget that, those blasted dementors." Everyone shivered, quieting down. What was strange was that Ron didn't even touch his food, and Harry wasn't here.

"Where's Harry, Ron?" Ron paled nervously.

"With Dumbledore, talking about..... stuff." My eyes darkened as I realized it was a lie. I muttered darkly under my breath, getting a glare from Hermione and Ginny. I shrugged.

"What? I can tell he lied, is there a problem with that?" Ginny shook her head, looking up at the head table just as a scream erupted from outside on the grounds. The first table to react was the Gryffindor table, who all stood up and raced outside, followed by the rest of the houses. Well, there we were, watching a green light erupt from the Astronomy tower, and a body falling over the edge towards the ground at an alarming speed. As I looked closely, I realized the true horror of the scene, the body was Professor Dumbledore. His body landed with a thud against the hard ground, and everyone stood there shocked. This is what we all didn't expect, was the death of Albus Dumbledore.
The first sob to erupt came from Professor MsGonagall, and the girls all started to sob and mourn. The boys were still in shock, even the Slytherins were quiet for once. There was a Slytherin girl standing right next to me who bursts into tears. I felt bad for everyone, the girl, the wizarding world, the teachers, everyone, but especially the Slytherin girl standing besides me.....

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