Moving On: It's Harder Than You Think (A George Weasley Story)

This is not a story completely based on Love but it's Geroge's life after his twin-and-best-friend Fred Weasley. Hope you enjoy it.

Durfi xx.

Chapter 1

Dear Fred, Love Geroge.

Dear Fred,
It's really not fair, you leaving me here. Calling myself 'Forge' seems pretty pointless now. So does the Joke Shop. So does everything...
I hope you're having fun up there. Give them hell for me.
I'll see you soon. Because I am holey after all.

George Weasley looked down at his parchment, silent tears rolling down his cheeks, wishing more than anything he could bring back his beloved twin, Fred Weasley. He sighed, crumpling up the piece of parchment and throwing it towards the fire as he walked. He remembered his last exchange with Fred, and as he did, fresh tears cascaded down his tear-sticken cheeks as he trampled outside.

George looked at Fred, an impish grin on his face. 'Ready Fred?'
'Ready George!' Replied Fred his grin matching George's as they both ripped open a box labelled 'Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes: Do Not Touch.' They each grabbed little packages of sweets, each labelled 'Puking Pastelles.' Grinning devilishly at George, Fred opened a package and poured the small, suspicious looking sweets into his mouth. Immediately, he buckled up as vomit cascaded down from his mouth, staining his F labelled Jumper.
George laughed and charmed the puke off the marble floor of the seventh floor. 'Here,' he said, handing Fred a bottle of a yellow thing liquid. 'Drink this.'
Doing as he was told, Fred proceeded to help George charm the vomit off the floor, then with a twirl of their wands, they balled up the vomit into fifty balls of dripping, yellow goop.
'Right, as soon as the Death Reekers arrive, fling it into their faces, not before,--'Started George.
'Not after, but exactly at that moment--' Fred cut in.
'Or else they would know what's happening--'
'And we'd be caught or we'd have to live in shame for the rest of our lives.'
'I know!' They said together.

George looked up at the stars. He remembered when he was just a little boy when his mother had told him that the people who died never truly left you, they were always with you. He remembered turning to Fred after that and smiling. He remembered Fred saying 'Me and George will always be together.' He remembered his mother smiling, tears of joy rolling down her cheeks. He remembered everything.
But it wasn't enough. It would never be the same again, not without Fred.

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